30 March, 1995 – Healing Father Gregorios


            When I called Father Gregorios on the phone today, he said that he was so very weak and exhausted these days that he could not even get out of bed. He asked for Maharaj to pray for him.

            Later today, we were given the message that Father Gregorios was sending a bishop to see Maharaj. To our great surprise, it turned out that the bishop was Father Gregorios himself. Reaching Gobind Sadan, he struggled to get out of his car and into his wheelchair. 

            Maharaj was sitting in the lawn but kept offering to go into the house if that would suit Father better. He spoke to him of how happy God is when a person keeps loving Him even in the face of great difficulties.

            Then Father Gregorios wheeled himself in his wheelchair over to Jesus’ Place, with Shami pushing. He told Maharaj that he wanted to sit there praying for about ten minutes. After Father Gregorios had sat there in intense silent prayer for some time, Neelu (daughter of Geeta Singh) appeared with a glass of water sent by Maharaj, with instructions for me to place it in the rocks at the base of the cross and pray for Father Gregorios and then give him the water to drink. As I did, the power coming through from Maharaj/Jesus was so strong that my body was shaking.

            After Father was wheeled to the house, where Maharaj had tea with him, he said that for the past five days he had very strong inner guidance to go see Maharaj and pray at Jesus’ Place. What he experienced there, he said, was both great peace and great power. He wants to come back again and again and to tell the world about Maharaj and Jesus’ Place. Maharaj says he will become healthier and healthier.

            I requested Maharaj to bless a copy of Loving God for Father. To do so, Maharaj got up and stepped to Father’s side. With his left hand he blessed the book, which Father was receiving with two hands, and with his right hand on Father’s bowed head he blessed him for a long time. Father then said he felt much better already—and indeed, there was a rosy glow in his face as he left that certainly had not been there before.

            After this incredibly touching encounter, Maharaj spoke to us about Jesus and Mary, who was so blessed by God to be a vehicle for the Light. He said, “The prophet’s light is always passed on to someone,” such as Peter and Guru Gobind Singh’s Five Beloveds.


Healing Father Gregorios