April 18, 1995 – Spiritual guidance for Prime Minister’s family


            Family members of India’s Prime Minister Narasimha Rao and Congress party workers have come for Maharaj’s guidance. He gives them a long talk covering many spiritual subjects, beginning with finding God within ourself and cleaning our karma by means of meditation. He tells them, in part,  

Meditate for spiritual liberation—look for that great Power within yourself. God is one, seva is one, love is one, in all religions. Love God and love society. When you love that great Power, you will become very good people and your karma will change. But if you look around, you will see that neither the rich nor the poor are happy. Why? Everyone is worried about this vehicle of the body, but not the mind. The only food of the mind is meditation. If there is no food for the mind, we are not happy. In meditation, we say to God, “I am not worthy.” Then the food for the mind comes as soon as we thank God. Enlightenment is a gift from God.

            Then Maharaj taught them about the oneness of all religions, beyond the sectarian boundaries created by humans, not by God:

 God is boundless. As the Vedas say, ‘Neti, neti’—beyond anything we can describe. Make up your mind that God is one, Love is one. First end the conflict in your own mind. This is all our family. If we all gather, what a great house it will be. Preach from village to village, house to house, at the lowest levels, that God is one, and fighting will end. Dharma is compassion—it is already one. There is only one path, for rich or poor.

It is very necessary for meditation, seva, and spirit to come into our minds, in order to make our country great. Understand our country as our big house. Krishna, Jesus, Moses, Vedas, and Guru Gobind Singh are for us all, so that we will all be happy. No prophet said that he came for only one community. Our goal is to join with all our ancient religions and prophets. I have never wanted to make people my followers, but rather to unite them with our ancient prophets.

God’s love and power and authority are inside us, so why don’t we go inside? If we do so, the whole world will improve. We should start today, because we need it. Our country, our society need it. If there is fighting in our house, how will our Father be happy? There is no difficulty in uniting our country or ending corruption. When good ideas are given to the people, they will stop making mistakes.

Understand fully that we are a family and this is our house. Work hard and serve the people. You will be happy, the people will be happy, and God will be happy.

At many points during Maharaj’s talk, the relatives and political figures listen to his words with folded hands, nodding their heads. When he finishes speaking, they declare that they want to be his disciples. They all touch his feet and take his book Loving God that he offers them. Then one man sings a long and lovely “Govinda” raga with great devotion, kissing Maharaj’s feet and singing praises of the Goddess as Saraswati, Bhagavati, Sita, and Ganga, and Om Nama Shivaya. Maharaj blesses him as he keeps singing Govinda until he becomes hoarse. He cannot stop singing, he is so overwhelmed.

One of the officials says about Maharaj, “He is really a great man, sacrificing himself for the good of the people, the good of society.”




Spiritual guidance for Prime Minister’s family           
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