5 September 1994 – Fire near Maharaj Ji


This morning Maharaj Ji had a vision that he should not sit in his outer sitting room in the “Dubai kothi” today. He called Giani Ji in to check, but Giani Ji could not see any problem, so Maharaj sat in the outer room to give audience to Major General S.S. Uban, a retired military officer who has become a major interfaith organizer. General Uban told Maharaj Ji about a 600-person conference being organized in Rome by the World Conference for Religion and Peace. He will be the chairman. He wanted Maharaj to come and perhaps have a private meeting with the pope. Maharaj responded, “People don’t understand that dharma is a matter of Light, not of management.” He told Major Uban stories in which the Light of God crosses all boundaries, such as the time when Rafiq Shariq Warsi’s daughter was lying near death in a hospital in Medina. His wife saw a brilliant figure all in white who blessed his daughter, and she was healed. It was Maharaj, of course. He has appeared to many people of all faiths, rescuing them from death.

Maharaj continued, “There are two important things: faith in God and assurance that what God does is correct. Dharma is not a matter of talking; it is an inner matter. Only doing meetings will not bring peace; peace is an inner thing.”

At this point, we began to notice smoke coming out of the electrical control box on the wall behind Maharaj’s head. Ralph Singh stood up and opened the door of the box, revealing bright and intense flames. Calmly, he just blew out the fire, as one would blow out candles on a birthday cake. But nobody can blow out an electrical fire with just a puff. Afterward, as I was marveling over this incident, Ralph said, “You don’t think; you just do what He tells you.” Equally calmly, Maharaj stood up, shifted the audience venue into the inner room, and continued talking to Major Uban as though nothing had happened.