10 September 1994 – The Pir’s Instructions


Several weeks ago, Mohammed Rafiq Shariq Warsi from Saudi Arabia called to request Maharaj’s blessing for his ailing father, the head priest of Dewa Sharif (see May 26th story). Maharaj looked in vision and gave very exacting instructions for things for him to do at the Dewa Sharif shrine. These instructions included  making a special sweet rice and distributing it to the sangat every Thursday, keeping aside as much as the father could eat, perhaps mixing it with some milk, and then offering that before the Pir, requesting him, “Please come forward and give me your blessing, your merciful gaze.” Then the father was to eat that portion himself. The rest of the instructions were to clean the interior of the shrine with his own hands, fill the eternally-burning oil lamp with his own hands, offer a green cloth on the tomb of the pir, offer a bouquet of red flowers and perhaps incense or dhoop, keep everything inside the shrine very clean with no litter, clean the pir’s wooden stick, and in general, do a lot of seva in the shrine.

When the father received our letter with this hukam from Maharaj, he could not read it since it was in English. Therefore he called Rai Singh, who went to Dewa Sharif to translate it for him. When the father heard the instructions, he was amazed: These were the exact instructions the Pir had given to him before he died. He used to do them but had let them slide, and from that time his health had been failing. The outer manifestation of falling away from the hukam was diabetes, with attendant skin disorders. He had become very sick.

Epilogue: After receiving Maharaj’s letter, the head priest began following the instructions again, and his health at once started to improve.