September 17, 1994 – The Druze from Israel


Dr. M. L. Sondhi, a former Member of Parliament and esteemed Professor of Political Science at Jawaharlal Nehru University, has brought very interesting guests to meet Maharaj JI. They are members of the Druze, an ancient minority community in Israel. Among them are a Member of Parliament, Asaad Asaad from Jerusalem. Dr. Sondhi introduces him, “Peace is coming in the Mideast, thanks to Mideast peace talks involving Dr. Asaad.” Asaad Asaad presents Maharaj with a plate commemorating a Druze institution. He opens the conversation by explaining who the Druze are:

Druze believe in one God. Since the Creation, we were living with people of all religions. Our real name is al-Muhayadeen, which means monotheism. Those who believe in one God live all over the world. In the Middle East we are called Druze. We heard about this place from Professor Sondhi and want to share about our religion and meet you.

Dr. Gamal S. Hassoun and Ali Kadmany have come to India for the second time. They say,

We believe we share spiritual things with you. Does Maharaj think there will be a relationship between our two communities? We believe in the Middle Way in physical activity, in education, in every part of life. All those in the Middle Way will meet in Paradise.

Maharaj addresses their question about the spiritual relationship between the Druze and Gobind Sadan:

What is the relationship? From childhood I have had the feeling that my relationship is not only with humans but also with animals and trees. I have learned that God is a Light, an eternal flame that has always been there. We are used to believing that we started with Adam, but that Power has been there for lakhs of years before Adam.

These forts into which people are divided have not been made by the prophets or by God. It is only humans who have raised these walls. Those who have given the message from vision have always said, “There is One God and One Law.” They have never said anything else. It is natural that the message was given in the land and language where the incarnation took place, but behind the language the message was one everywhere.

This Power does not come from outside. It is felt from inside. We talk to it inside. What is meditation? To go inside and feel that hidden Power without which we would be dead. Some have called it Sohang—“Tohi mohi, mohi Tohi” (You are me, I am You). What is in the whole universe is also inside you, but to know it you have to go within yourself.

From childhood I have not read any books. I learned from inside. I addressed my questions only to God, and from inside, I got the answers. I had the inner feeling that everything speaks—trees, stars—and it is possible to talk with them, even with the fan.

As we farmed, questions arose: “What nutrients and cultivation practices to give to the crops?” The crops spoke, the trees spoke, and they told us. You can ask the land and crops what they want. Do not go by theory. Talk to them. That is a spiritual relationship.

To understand God, please know that He works in what you see and what you do not see. He works all the time, everywhere.

I feel that all prophets came and gave a message, and then became one with God. See their common qualities. Their message is the same.

If we see God inside, we feel no anger, for God is pervading everywhere. Otherwise, there is anger, crime. It is only ignorance of God which leads to crime and anger. We cannot set up any relationship with God which is not of the highest.

We cannot speak of His taste, His feeling. He comes, He is experienced, and you become one with God. It is like a person with no tongue trying to describe a sweet. Its color cannot be described. It can only be seen inwardly. Guru Gobind Singh says, “How can we describe God? He has no form, no shape.”

Dr. Hassoun interjects: “We also say that God is not describable, is not of any form.”

Maharaj responds,

I am very happy that you have not been misled. Your religion is leading you in the right direction. Whatever God has given us from all eternity, you are following the same.

Dr. Hassoun says, “We believe that God is everywhere, in all of space.”

Maharaj agrees:

That is the One God. The trees say, “We believe in God,” the animals say, “We believe in God.” Anyone can say “We believe in God,” and they are speaking about the same God.

Dr. Hassoun asks, “Has anyone seen God physically?”

Maharaj replies,

If you want to see God, God is so great that in whatever form you love God, God will appear in that form and speak to you. God has no form.

Asaad Asaad says, “We believe in reincarnation.”

Maharaj agrees, “It is 100% true. Not 90%. We have past lives and we will take new births in the future.”

Asaad Asaad asks, “As humans or what?”

Maharaj replies,

There is proof that it is not definite that humans become human. Sometimes they become animals, as proved in cases in India. Moola  Khatri was reborn as a rabbit because his wife lied. Because people lied, didn’t follow God’s hukam, they were reborn as animals. From the Vedas we are told that people take birth according to their deeds in this life.

Dr. Hassoun asks, “Is the number of human souls always the same, increasing, or decreasing?”

Maharaj answers,

When we talk about souls, we should not limit that to humans alone. God’s creation is constant. There may be a particular species that may be decreasing or increasing, but the total number of souls is constant. Look at the differences between an ant and an elephant. But the Gurus say, “It is Your Power which dwells within both.”

Dr. Hassoun’s father says, “Some of us believe there will be an end of this world and everyone will have his accounting. After this end of the world, what will happen?

Maharaj clarifies, “Your account is given daily, and the world will never end.”

They ask, “Will a different time come?”

Maharaj affirms,

Absolutely. Every person has knowledge, but sometimes there is a wave of people with a certain kind of consciousness. Good people who are enlightened beings will come together. God is bringing enlightened souls at this time, and through them the change will come.

A kind of equilibrium will come. We should not be impatient. Some good future will come.

Dr. Hassoun asks, “Will or has God ever appeared in human form?”

Maharaj tells him,

Always the Divine expresses itself, but the time comes when He gives a very powerful manifestation. That is the time that is coming.

Maharaj then gives personal advice for the Druze people:

The greatest thing is not to hurt anyone. Whatever you want, give it to others, that it should fulfill the wishes of all. The evil forces will decline, so the Druze should identify themselves with the good forces.

Dr. Hassoun closes, “We are impressed with Babaji’s speech. We hope for good contact between us, and good future for all on earth.”