23 February 1996 – Always stay attuned to God’s Love


            Tony, a distinguished architect, and his wife Miranda have come to visit from Spain. Maharaj gives them a long audience, including these points:

Before they come to earth, God chooses those who will love Him and spread His message. His Love is everywhere, but few understand it. That power of love will develop within us: Love will come into our thoughts, our gaze, our actions, our practical lives. Then where will anger be? Where will there be thoughts of high or low? Of black or white skin? Love has its own color; love has no other color.

There are so many virtues in God—so much love, so much happiness, so much willingness to serve. The more we do for others, the more these will increase in us. Love is the greatest thing. If that Light is inside us, darkness will never come. Then we will stay always happy.

God never becomes discouraged. God has no fear, no greed. There is only compassion. He gives all His qualities to us. Whatever gift we receive from Him, we should pass on to others. It is essential to take love from Him. Our love is so little that it can finish, but His Love is so vast that even if He distributes it to the whole Creation, there is still more.

Work as you choose, but the most important thing is to remember God with love. Otherwise, everything will be wasted. The complete thing is that in which there is love.

We are all His guests. When we are guests of such a Power, why should we feel depressed? Always remain happy. If there is a feeling of attraction and you feel love, understand that as a pull in love from God. Always stay attuned to the love of God.