Feb. 25, 1996 – To Kazi Noor-ul-Islam


I had met Professor Kazi Noor-ul-Islam from Dhaka, Bangladesh, at an interfaith conference in Korea and very much appreciated his gentle and kind personality. To my delight, he has come with his wife Azizun to seek Maharaj’s blessings. Seeing their love, Maharaj immediately starts speaking to them about the topic of love from an Islamic point of view. Maharaj is neither educated nor Islamic, but his words come from the most authentic Source (known as Brahm). He uses many Persian words in speaking to this couple, a few of which I have included here:

The one who worships with love will attain, for love cleans the mind. Allah’s Noor (Light) comes and darkness is finished. Conflict is born from darkness. Mussulman (Muslim) is the name of Love. If a person doesn’t become a Mu’min (believer), crime appears.

Religion has become an habitual ritual. Love has disappeared.

The Prophet Muhammad said that if brothers fight each other, they are not Muslim. They take the name of Islam, but they are against Islam and the Prophet.

Whatever Messenger has come—such as Adam, Noah, Abraham—all these Messengers said, “There is One God, love Him.”

Allah is the Master of Creation, so all are Muslim. But as Guru Nanak said, “It is very difficult to be a Muslim. One must have a heart of wax” (i.e., kindness and mercy).

All the prophets were illiterate. When the angel came to Muhammad, he said, “I am oomi (illiterate).” But the angel said, “Now you will listen, read, and tell.” This is something from Allah, not a human plan or meeting. The Prophet spoke for our benefit. The transmission was so strong that sometimes he used to faint.

Worship and love. Then mercy will come. Then there will be peace and love in society.

The Five Pillars of Islam are true. All take your mind toward that same Power. Take blessings from There. But without blessings, people are fighting with each other. How will the Prophet be happy?

People say that an impure person should not associate with a pure one. But when Umar came with the intention to kill the Prophet, the Prophet welcomed him. Umar became such a great devotee that he became one of the Caliphas (original successors to the Prophet).

If the great Sufi saint Moinuddin Chisti had not come to India, there would be no Islam in our country. He converted 750 Rajput rulers by the power of blessings, not by the sword.

When His Nazar (merciful gaze) comes, there will be Noor (Light) in your family, in your society, spreading even to pataal (the underworld).

The Prophet Muhammad is not for one country. He is for the whole Creation. What is his worship? Love. He made great efforts for the people, so that they should become good. If people do not follow his teachings, he becomes unhappy. If you do not worship with love, neither he nor God will be happy—so how will you be happy?

In our Guru Granth Sahib it is written, “Allah is pure, without any equal.” All should take His blessings, for He keeps giving, twenty-four hours a day. The door to His blessings should be open.  Do not be discouraged, for He is always sending Rehmat (blessings).

Worship with love. Even if you do not feel like it, you must worship, with deep feeling. Without love, one is not a complete person. Pass on the blessings to others, but be a Mu’min. Only then can you do so.

I often speak of Prophet Muhammad. People do understand. With love, even a stone-hearted person becomes like soft-hearted like wax.

Look for His blessings. Do not miss them.

Namaz (prayer) is made by Allah, not by men.

Even if someone dislikes you, still love. Then He is happy.

Azizun says, “Please pray for us and our children that we will be good Mu’mins.”

Maharaj replies, “He keeps giving blessings. Take them.”

Kazil Noor-ul- Islam says, “I found out about Maharaj through Mary, whom I met in Korea. She spoke so highly about Maharaj Ji. We are grateful to Allah that He has allowed us to come here. “

Maharaj responds, “You will always be blessed. He is so merciful. It is difficult to describe God’s ways of blessing. Even if you look and seek His blessings and think of Him a little bit, He will fill your house with blessings. I don’t understand him as just for Muslims. He is for the whole universe. Love Him and get love from Him.”

Kazi Noor-ul- Islam explains, “I am a professor of comparative religions. In our humble way we have been working for inter-religious harmony. We have a group of people of different faiths. We all get together.”

Maharaj concludes the audience with: “There is nothing so powerful as love.”