April 8, 1993 – Women’s strength

Maharaj is in the grass-roofed pavilion in Tejpuri, overlooking fields of ripening wheat. A fresh wind is blowing. Nandi from Sweden, who has been doing seva, has her golden opportunity for an audience with Maharaj, and she uses it mostly to ask questions about women’s spiritual power. But first, she asks, “Why is there evil if God has given us good minds?”
Maharaj replies, “He has given us free will. We do not do the hard work of meditation to control the mind. To be able to love, one has to first love the Power that can give love. We instead go for material things, so our foundation is weak.”
Nandi asks, “Are there any female prophets?”
Maharaj answers, “The greatest power that has come as messiah are the goddesses to whom we all pray in India.”
Nandi: “What about the rest of the world?”
Maharaj: “Rabia was a great prophet of Muslims. There have been female saints in Christianity who have had power and have done miracles.
Guru Gobind Singh has said that God is Mother of the World and produces all the Messiahs. The Mother has also played a big role in Christianity: Mary, Mother of Jesus, is much more important in history than Joseph. In the Holy Qur’an, it is written that Mary is blessed. The mother of the five Pandavs is known, the father is not; he is just in the background. Mother has always been considered a very blessed person.
Ved Viyas was born from his mother, and overnight he was twelve years old—a miracle performed by his mother.
Guru Nanak says, “God is my best girl-friend.”
Woman’s basic makeup is of tenderness, of giving birth.
Nandi: “There is so much of male-like fighting and grabbing in the world. How can we change to more female-like values?”
Maharaj: “Women’s background is very strong. Her will is considered the strongest, most powerful. It is only through religious acts and prayers that the change you want will be achieved.”
Nandi: “How can I influence others as much as possible?”
Maharaj: “First decide that woman is very blessed, strong, and also tender-hearted. The will power has not been used as much as it could be. Once this movement starts, not many men will be able to or want to fight it. Automatically this power will come. You decide: Make a goal, and don’t be afraid. Immediately you will lead and will achieve.”