April 3, 1993 – God is not a theory


God is not a theory Apparently reading their minds, Maharaj gives a talk to a young Australian couple about disbelief in God. Some of his points, as translated by his long-time devotee Kissi Atwal, a mining contractor: God is not a theory. If you are always nervous, feeling stress, it is quite certain that you have not looked through that door to where God resides. . . . God is always ready to bless you. He knows that even though you don’t love Him, it is only because you don’t know Him. If we accept Him even a bit, the door to His presence will open and there will be great blessing. . . . He gives you food, body, and mind without your thanking Him. When we give something, we expect thanks, but He is only compassion. To speak of God as a theory makes no sense because He is doing everything for you. . . . God says, “When you come to Me, I will fill you with love that will never end.” We come to holy places when we are devoid of love, but we should go there with love, and the love we receive will be endless. . . . That supply of endless love is within us. We should continually bring it out and share it. The more love you give, the more you will receive. . . . When you ask Him for love, the more you ask the happier He is and the more He gives. . . . You have a long journey ahead of you. Take Him with you. He who goes alone usually becomes sad. He will always guide you correctly and fill you with great love. At the end of the audience, the young man asks Maharaj, “What do you see as the result of your work?” Maharaj replies, “It will be good. You don’t necessarily expect to see the results yourself.”