March 30, 1993 – The Road to Peace



Maharaj is sitting in his rocking chair in the “Green Room,” an open veranda behind Darbar Sahib. As a fan turns overhead to help abate the heat, he speaks to three women from the Earthstewards Network plus fifty more women from a women’s college, including the principal. Accompanied by chattering birds, he gives them a lovely talk about the path to peace and the need to help others. A few excerpts:
To keep your mind on God and leave worldly things in the background is to be on the road to peace. From time immemorial, we have needed to follow that path, but we have not. Thus there is stress and unhappiness. . . .
God’s mission does not consist only of worship and meditation in ritual ways. Working for humanity is God’s work. . . .
Those who obey God’s wishes will never fear any storm or disaster, for they have a relationship with God.
Later, Maharaj says, “All those people have been blessed today. They are not the same as when they came in.”