August 11, 1995 – All prophets have taught love


            Sukhwinder Malhi, a senior reporter for the National Herald newspaper, has come to interview Maharaj. Maharaj Ji obliges him with a lovely talk about the oneness of all religions. In part, he says:

            Throughout the world religion is associated with hatreds, but it is a matter of love. People have no idea what religion is. Muslims say “Do jihad,” Sikhs say, “Become martyrs,” but they don’t know what these statements mean. The Prophet Muhammad said jihad means to focus your energy for good work, such as safeguarding your property, but especially to do akbar jihad, the greatest struggle. Akbar jihad means to control your energy lest it lead to bad deeds. Similarly, in describing the Khalsa, Guru Gobind Singh said, “Khalsa is one who renounces anger.” All the prophets said the same thing.

            Religion is a matter of love, of good policies. God’s merciful gaze is pervading in all places. Christians think that God had only one Son, but just as a father gives different duties to different children—such as “Go! Make people good.”—God has given different duties to different prophets.  Until we listen to the messages of all the prophets, we will never unite. But the problem is that religious authorities are saying something different than their prophets did. People have gone very far from the messages of the prophets. How can they be brought back? How can we unite?

            Look at the ancient heritage of our country: It is dharma. Rulers’  decisions were taken according to dharma. Dharma gives us energy for good work, for love. Dharma is law.

            If you go to religious places and yet criticize people, what is the point? Going to a religious place is like going to a school. You are to write a paper, not just bow. To pass, you must speak truth. But twenty-four hours a day, people see others’ faults, not their own. Every day people ask for forgiveness in religious places, but they themselves are not forgiving.

            If we people in every religion feel that there is one Father and we are all His children, where will our problems be? The prophets all gave one and the same message. All people should spend all their energy to show that we are all brothers and sisters.

Sukhwinder Malhi asks, “May I write about your effect on farms?”

Maharaj tells him,

            Only write about what you believe,  your own impressions. When Mary came I told her to live and work the same as the other people, and then she would know whether what she was writing was true. In that case, what you write will be true, dharmic, enlightened. Otherwise you might write something that can be challenged. Dharma is for developing character. When you write about such things, people will also be transformed.

From childhood I have felt that God is not a beggar. God is a great Power that will give you power for your work, for seva. We do havan, feed the poor, celebrate all religious holidays with no expectations.  Look at the practical aspects of religion and write about those. Theory is never powerful.

Question the people: We never gave them any training to praise me. They just fear God and want to do service. Go to the farm and ask a lot of questions. Live there. Saying and actually living are different things. Look at the old videos: You will be amazed at how much things have changed from the time when there was only jungle. If you go there now, you won’t see that jungle any more. God gives so much power to those who have no self-interest. If you love God, God is happy to give you all power and help you develop your good ideas.

At the end of the audience, Maharaj blesses Sukhwinder Malhi with Nam. If he actually practices it, he will understand the power that Maharaj has been telling him about.


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