August 10, 1995 – A letter for Hindu leaders


            Maharaj has been inspired to share his genuine experiences with Hindu leaders, so he calls Major Sahib and dictates a letter to be sent to the major Shankaracharyas, sages, and temple officials:

            Once the order came from Mata Ganga to go to Her banks and have tea there. We went, and Mata Ganga immediately appeared like a regular woman, in very clear form. She said, “You work for the people, so today I have decided to give you some more land where you can plant crops and help people.” I told the sevadars who were with me to record what She said—that She would change Her course in order to give us more land.

            So what happened? A year or so later, She left that area and shifted far to the side. We had gone to America. The sevadars called to say that Mata Ganga had left a very big area on our side, so they should level and prepare it for planting.

            This was a great miracle. With love for God, helping others with no self-interest, all power will be given to you. You may doubt that Mata Ganga could talk to me, but today potatoes and other crops are planted there on that land that She had spoken about two years earlier. Don’t think of this as theoretical; it is a practical thing. It is necessary to tell you this story because if you want to help people, there is nothing that will not be available to assist you. Ganga is not just a matter of water; I have practically seen Her.

            At this point, a telephone call comes from the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, asking for blessings. Maharaj blesses the whole family, and then continues his dictation:

            There are many such stories of our practical experiences, because we were doing havan and reading Jaap Sahib continually. There was a road where we had planted many poplar trees. We went there and saw that they had all dried up because they had not been given enough water. At once the vision came: Where you do havan and have a picture of Baba Siri Chand, wash that place and give the water to the trees. We did so, and they all became green again.

Do not be discouraged. There is nothing in which God is not present. Whenever such an order comes to us, we act on it and then see the practical results. We are not sending you this letter to make you our devotees. We are writing it so that you can understand that this is a practical reality. There is an ocean of enlightened wisdom in our country, but people don’t read and believe the old scriptures.