August 9, 1995 – A letter from Pakistan

            India and Pakistan are not on good terms with each other politically, but a wonderful letter has come to Maharaj Ji from a scholar in Pakistan, Dr. Syed Faizal Haidar. It was dated 24 June, 1995, and was written in Urdu. In Major Sahib’s brief translation:

“To: Artist of Life, His Exalted Holiness Very Venerable Virtuous Reverend Baba Virsa Singh Sahib:

            Sat Sri Akal. I am writing this letter with great respect. You are the best example of God for humanity, and you have a very high practical life and good qualities. You are the magnanimous elder and best human being. You are the highest aristocrat. You are the best ray of the sun. You are the Messiah of the present times. You are the pillar of spiritualism, and of social reform. You are enjoying the highest respect and honour, merciful Baba Virsa Singh. May your destiny remain forever. His exalted Holiness Baba Virsa Singh, founder, trustee, and chief patron of Gobind Sadan, Gadaipur, you are the greatest path-shower for humanity. You are the personality of international fame. May more blessings of God fall upon you. God willing, I will come to see you. That is all.

            With respect, I close, a student requesting for prayer.”