“Become His trusting child”

Message from Baba Virsa Singh Ji Maharaj  for Gobind Sadan USA

People ask, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” But the real question is, “Why do people lose faith when they are in the greatest trouble?”

Many people try to bargain with God, saying, “I have been reading so much paath [scripture]–so why aren’t You helping me? I have been doing so much seva [volunteer service]—so why aren’t things going my way? Why is there so much trouble in my life?”

Oh, child, you have not understood the basic lesson. You still think that you are in charge, and that you can tell your Parent what to do. Can you imagine that a small child is wiser than its father or mother? We humans are all in a state of ignorance. We have no way of knowing what will happen when; we do not know what is best for us and for others; we do not know the true path to a peaceful life. We are like two-year-old children who fight with their parents when they don’t get what they want.

The first thing we must do is to accept the fact that we are ignorant, that we are blind. We must also understand that the world does not revolve around us alone, solely for our pleasure. The One Who is orchestrating the whole show has to deal with a great many instruments, with different abilities, playing different notes, in order to create the symphony of life. He knows when to call forth each of the instruments and when to keep them quiet so that another instrument can play its melody. He knows when there is to be great thunder of drums and when there is to be very, very soft music played by very subtle and fine voices. The symphony of life is extremely complicated. No instrument can play the part of any other instrument. And yet you all want to play the starring role, have your voice heard all the time, win all the glory, and play the music in your own way. Since everyone is of this same mindset, it is no wonder that there is disharmony in the world.

We need to learn to be very quiet and listen for the directions of the One Who is running the show. We cannot follow the directions unless we can hear them. To hear them, we must meditate. But what do we do? At times when we most need guidance, we panic and try to force things to go our way, according to our own ignorant thinking.

When there is what seems to be a crisis in our life, we must stop trying to mold things according to our own thinking. This is the time when we must turn inside, quietly and calmly, so that we can hear that soft voice that is always ready to guide us from within. It may tell us what we don’t want to hear: “Keep quiet now. Just wait.” We don’t want to wait. We want our problems solved RIGHT NOW, like a spoiled child. But waiting may be good for us. Things will definitely change. Things always change. After we wait, the situation will be different, and the flow of life may well turn in a direction that is more favourable for us than it is now. So many things happen. Everything is always changing, changing. To listen to the Voice that comes from inside helps us to float in that flow, to accept the natural movements, to see where the Light is going. If we relax and follow that Light, with faith, it will lead us toward Truth, toward Love, and even toward joy.

When we are beset by problems, we cannot imagine that we can be happy in their midst. But if we become very quiet, and nestle in our Parent’s arms, we will find such peace, such bliss there that we have never known. Problems in fact give us a great opportunity, a great incentive, to turn toward the One we love, and to accept that Embrace. Our worries will be soothed. Then when it is time for us to act, our loving Parent will show us the way, will place us on the best path.

If we do not turn to our Father/Mother in times of trouble, we are just running amok, to no avail. We even have the stupidity to cry, “Why isn’t God listening to me?” Oh child, why aren’t you listening to Him?

Listen to Him, accept His loving embrace. Calm down. Relax. He is always there to guide you, to protect you, to soothe you. In the embrace of that Love, there is always bliss. Enjoy it!

Guru Nanak taught us, “There is one Father, and we are all His children.” Be a trusting, loving child. Have faith in your Father. Never run away from Him.


  • Dictated by Baba Virsa Singh ji