The Power of Jaap Sahib, Chandi di Vaar, and Dasam Granth Sahib

I.C. wrote: “I wish to inquire about the power of Jaap Sahib and Chandi di Vaar and Sri Dasam Granth Sahib in general. I need help and guidance, and the support, help, and power of Jaap Sahib and Chandi di Vaar. I have many illnesses, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, and bladder syndrome.” Maharaj gave this message for him:

Jaap Sahib is very powerful because it has come from that Power itself. It helps us to understand that even though we cannot see that Power, it is present everywhere and doing everything. Reading Jaap Sahib links us to that Power and thus gives us great inner strength. The more we become part of that Power, the more our small problems drop away, in every sphere of life. When you read Jaap Sahib, those qualities are awakened in you.

                Chandi di War gives us courage. No matter how many and how strong are the opponents and problems we face in life, we can defeat them single-handedly if we are infused with God’s power.

                Dasam Granth is a fascinating treasure showing us Guru Gobind Singh’s blessed thinking and his wide-ranging interests. For him, nothing was outside of God. Take his hand, and he will link you with God, whom you will find inside yourself. Then you will find Him everywhere pervading.