We are all working in Guru Gobind Singh’s mission

Members of Gobind Sadan USA asked Maharaj for a message to guide them. This is what He dictated:

            I am always with you, because we are all together in our dedication to Guru Gobind Singh’s mission.

            We must never forget that mission. When there are difficulties, we may tend to forget what our mission is, and get confused by lesser matters. We must never forget our goal, and never get sidetracked from working toward it.

            The mission that Guru Gobind Singh has given to us is to help everyone draw closer to God. This is not just a matter of talking. What we need is a deep and lasting inner connection to God, within ourselves. Unless that basic connection is strong and steady, how can we help anyone else?

            We must all go deeper and deeper in our spiritual practice. It is essential for us to recite Nam so that we will not be distracted from the mission by the everyday problems we face. Nam is our lifeline. Nam is the boat that carries us through the terrible ocean. Nam is the Voice of God echoing within us. Ik Onkar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru is the food of our soul. We must keep feeding it all the time, all the time, all the time. If we are in touch with our soul, rather than living at the surface of our life, we can always draw on a deep ocean of peace which helps us to meet any crisis peacefully, wisely, and lovingly. If we live on the surface, we are always being thrown this way and that by the waves.

            Deep in the ocean, there are strong currents but no waves. These are like the currents by which God guides us. If we flow with those currents, we are carried effortlessly in the direction God chooses. We don’t know what lies ahead, but He knows, and He will carry us if we stay attached to Him. His current is very, very powerful. We don’t know where it is going, but we can feel that great Power. What we cannot do with our little minds and our little strength, It can do—and It will do.

            In addition to always reciting Nam, we must take time every day to meditate—to connect our awareness with that great Power. To meditate is to become very silent, to set aside thinking, and to feel that Power, that Peace, that great Presence. In the midst of our busy lives, we will lose our balance if we do not stop to feel that Presence, that Power.

            Once we feel That, the little things that happen do not make us angry or upset. They are like flies on an elephant’s back. They come and go.

            But Guru Gobind Singh has not brought us into His mission just to sit here, feeling good. His is a mission of action. What action are we to take? What did he do? He defended the poor and weak. He stood up for and practiced equality and justice. He reminded everyone that God is real.

            In the greatness of His vision, Guru Gobind Singh wrote about that indescribable Power. He gave us Jaap Sahib, which is a great expression of His enlightened wisdom. If we read Jaap Sahib even once with deep attention, it will change our lives. We should never read it as a ritual—it is far too precious to become a ritual. But we should read it every day, to keep remembering, remembering, remembering that Great Power that is doing everything. We will recognize it in difficulties, as well as in peaceful times.

            Guru Gobind Singh has also given us Guru Granth Sahib as our Eternal Guru. Through his tremendous gyan, he recited the entire Scripture from memory so that it would be preserved forever. How can we speak of the greatness of Guru Granth Sahib? It is that ocean of peace, that ocean of wisdom, that reservoir of spiritual power. When we read it, we should contemplate it deeply. This is why we take Hukam Nama from the Guru—to take this great food for the soul, to look through the windows it opens into Truth. Guru Granth Sahib helps us to live in Sach Khand rather than in the illusions and misunderstandings of worldly life.

            If we live in Sach Khand, what will happen? We will automatically carry on Guru Gobind Singh’s mission. Our taan, maan, dhan will all be devoted to His mission. It will be the great Force, the great current that directs our lives. It will be the Love and Truth and Power that come from our mouth, that see through our eyes, that act through our hands and feet. Then we will truly be His soldiers carrying on His mission in the world. This is why we are here.

            Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh!