Requirements for successful marriage

            Many people come to Maharaj Ji via Hardip Singh or me to ask whether a given person is a suitable match for their child. So many marriages are falling apart these days that I became very discouraged and asked Maharaj what to do. He declared, “I am not guaranteeing the success of any marriage!” I begged Him, “Maharaj Ji, if you won’t guarantee that a marriage will work, what can I say to people?” He explained, “There are many conditions involved.” I therefore requested Him, “Please tell me what they are so that I can share those with people.” This is the message He then dictated to share with people who are considering marriage, and also with those who want to improve their married life.

Marriage is a sacred trust. Everyone must work continually to preserve it. If this sacred trust is carefully nurtured, it can be a wonderful haven for raising children, serving others, and growing toward God. Otherwise, if the family is not harmonious, there will be great suffering.

            Many conditions are required for preserving the sacred union:

  1. Compatibility
  2. Total commitment to the marriage by both partners
  3. Mutual respect and compassion
  4. Full and loving support from both families
  5. Willingness to compromise and adjust
  6. Both partners reciting Nam (God’s Name) for inner peace and elimination of anger
  7. Lack of greed by all parties
  8. Sense of humour
  9. Hard work
  10. Closeness to and blessings of God

If all these conditions are met, the marriage has a very good chance of succeeding.