Children’s Interfaith Plays

Babaji dearly loves children and is giving great emphasis to their education. Thus we have developed a number of educational programmes for the poor children in and around Gobind Sadan, including interfaith education classes as well as academic studies, and also simple classes and activities conveying Babaji’s teachings. The children pick up things very fast and are a delight to work with. They love acting out stories, so every Sunday afternoon, many Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh children come voluntarily to participate in plays from all religions and to discuss their meanings.

The Story of Shibi

Stone Soup


Jataka Tale: The Frightened Rabbit

St. Francis and the Wolf

The Story Of Easter

Guru Nanak’s Childhood Meditations

Guru Nanak’s Good Bargain

Jataka Tale: The Brahmin And The Bull Nandivisala

Jataka Tale: The Wise And Fast Goose

The Rich Almsgiver

Noah’s Ark