October 14 – Cosmic vision


            Naresh Singh, the United Nations environmental scientist, is here again. Maharaj, who is not supposed to talk, is talking to him. They are speaking about the cosmos. Maharaj is saying,

            Some elements are created but cannot be photographed. But perhaps if one scientist sees something, another will not see it, for by then the rays are not there. The Controller is sitting there doing all this.

            Meditation can focus the mind so that you become a great scientist.  One who sees the cosmos can see that.one element may be created out of another. Two unite to create something that no ordinary person could ever imagine. In outer space, you will find people, trees, etc. The person who meditates can make such fine observations that he can grasp the color of things that are immediately obliterated and cannot be photographed. Once you are joined with Him, you are always with Him, but you must make a habit of meditation.

            People ask, “Babaji, what will happen?” Before they finish asking, one sees it. Once when I was sitting, I saw that there would be so many accidents, deaths, and floods this year. Now look how many such events have occurred.

            What is God? He already knows what cars, water, and airplanes will do. I have very little faith in theory. Whatever has been predicted and taped is happening. I say, “He is great. I am no scientist. I believe in the One who created it all. I have faith that whatever He tells me will happen. What is this Power who knows all about everything in the cosmos? He keeps speaking. That x-ray takes the measure of the whole cosmos, instantly.

            If the scientist and the dervish could sit together, progress would be so quick. But they don’t respect each other. The mind is so powerful that in silence, one can see what can’t even be perceived by the senses. We can’t describe the fineness or speed of thought, but it is amazing. What is thought? It is the smallest and the greatest, with immeasurable speed. Our brain is the greatest city, the most powerful place, for thoughts are created there.

            Meditation makes our thought very deep, clear, and loving. It has no other meaning. If you meditate, you don’t need to study much—it is its own study.

            Keep writing questions and send them to us. We will all be amazed by the answers. The One who speaks teaches me and you. We are both students at that time. It is no problem for Him who is Master of the Universe.

            Naresh says,

When we met in the plane in 1993 I was working as an environmental scientist. After we met and discussed about poverty and the poor, two months later I got a job to work on poverty. For three years I have worked on poverty and environment—how poor people make their living in their environment, and which people interface with that, both rich and poor. The research is complicated but the results are very simple.

First we understand what local people are doing well and try not to destroy that. Then we study what policies will help them do better, and what policies would disrupt their life. Also we study what kind of technology and development can improve their lives.

Now we are taking this approach all over the world. We are changing the whole United Nations system. We don’t start by studying people’s needs; we start by studying their strengths.

Maharaj comments, “Now you will get an even higher post.”

Naresh says, “Now I feel that it’s not that I need to rise, but rather to develop the idea.”

Maharaj tells him, “Your whole life you will be going up.”