October 25, 1997 – Light from the silence


            October 19 was the last time I went inside Maharaj’s kothi. He has gone into deep silence. Ostensibly, this is by doctors’ orders, so his staff is being very tough about keeping everyone away. But only God knows the true reason for this period of silence.

            Tonight for the first time recently, the curtains were opened and Maharaj silently gave darshan, sitting inside erectly with his eyes closed, dressed in khaki colour. We all felt the blessing radiating from him.

            Then hukam came for all of us, the whole sangat, to sit on the front entry road for langar on leaf plates, and for Bakshish Singh to serve the dal, running. Maharaj had seen this in vision, and saw that if this were done, great rays of white light would be beaming onto Gobind Sadan. We were all surely happy, sitting along the lines across from each other. Again, the blessing was very noticeable. Only He knows why.