October 30, 1997 – Love vs. hatred


            Bishop Shannon Mallory from the US has come. He has a strong desire to transcend the boundaries of the Christian church structure in order to help people. Maharaj gives him a wonderful message:

            There are two sides of every person—love and hatred. When a person is loving, he will be subtle and tender. He can never tolerate bad things. A good person always gets a feeling of outrage on seeing evil. That is different from personal anger.

            One person reads the Bible and makes people listen. They listen and go away. Perhaps that person was not practicing what he preached. Another person who has love and is outraged by seeing evil wonders why that person is not practicing what he preaches. Then there is a clash. That preacher is not ready to hear what the other one is saying in love.

            Both these things have been there from the beginning. At last the weight of the love, willingness to serve, compassion, and humility becomes powerful. This is God’s principle. We can never change it.

            Those who have struggled—the prophets—came to instruct us after practicing what they are teaching. No one could put Jesus on the cross, but that was a test and example of love created for us.

            A cruel person is full of anger, moody and strict. He gets happiness from troubling others. Why? With love one does not see with eyes or hear with ears. But the cruel person happily thinks that he is stronger than the loving person and has suppressed his programme. That cruel person doesn’t know that his time in the House of God is finished. By contrast, love, service, and truth grow.

            The prophets gave us examples that rose above cruelty. They said, “If anyone slaps you in the face, don’t slap him back, for he has anger whereas you have love inside. Don’t become like him.” There is a flood of love in such a person. Whoever comes near him will be healed by love. His way is open for everyone. Whoever comes to stone him, he blesses them, the same as he does for those who come with garlands.

            There is a big difference between a person with love and a person with hatred. The cruel person is afraid of truth, worried. Then he comes mad, because the cells of his mind are affected. He doesn’t know that the sun of evil will set and the sun of goodness will arise.

            Have firm faith that when anyone is cruel to you or puts pressure on you, at that time God’s blessings will come upon you very strongly, for God won’t tolerate anyone’s difficulties. His gates are closed to the proud.

            If we see from inside, we will see that this tree is sprouting. Who is behind this? God. God’s messiah will come before you. You will see His Light behind that. It is an inner thing. You can’t know that by reading and listening. It comes only by doing. When you do (act with love), there is nothing in the cosmos where you will not feel His majesty and healing. Such a mind is blessed.

            We are to get this blessing in God’s House. We have to cross all the boundaries. Why? This is a matter of Light. You can’t confine the Light in any building. When you try to, that Light will suffocate. Let the Light come. It is needed for the mountains, the earth, the humans, the air, sun, and moon. If we try to bind it, we may think we have a great place and have made Jesus sit there. But perhaps He is not there. He is there where a crippled person is crying, where a loving person is calling Him. Perhaps He might have gone to the trees, the animals, to a school for the blind, in an asylum for crippled people.

            This is the teaching that is given to us. This is the message of the prophets. First we have to make our mind like that. If you read the Bible and then go to big buildings and hear lectures, you won’t find happiness there. What voice comes from inside you? ”Jesus did not say what that person is saying. He was giving healings.”  

            See how simple, subtle, and loving was the life of the prophets. Sometimes it seems that a person who has been driven out of society is condemned as garbage, but God’s Merciful Gaze is greatest upon that person. The prophet says, “I have come only for these people—those who are fallen, fearful, worried. I have come to bless them, to give them happiness.”

            The other person who considers himself an authority will clash with him– “Who are you?”—because he does not have those qualities. But his glory will diminish, while the prophet’s glory will spread through the whole world.

            What is the meaning of worship, of prayer? These bring His qualities into you. If you don’t have these qualities, where has your worship and prayer gone? After worshipping, your mind will be very strong, with feelings of service and love as you move in the world.

            We will always see two things in the world: people holding stones of anger, and people burning with jealousy. How are we to move among them? Only with His blessings—and with that, all the ways open. We will take the stone with love, the fire with love, because we are not thinking of those things. We are looking at the One who is always giving love and faith, so we will go ahead. If we think, “Why has he thrown a stone at me?” that time is wasted. We are to see the Third Thing 24 hours a day. The One who is Love is all love, the One whom we serve is always with us. The one in Whom we have faith is always with us. Why are we bothered by others?

            We are challenged in dharma 24 hours day. If you say you love Jesus, then why do anger or jealousy come in you? What was his property? Healing the air, the river, sharing everything. He kept nothing for himself. Even on the cross he was blessing others.

            Adopting prayer and worship in your life is meant for this purpose. Now these things have all left people’s minds. Few have these qualities. One rare person sits with love, talking with trees, and they talk with him. Humans have driven him out, but trees, mountains, and rivers will never do so. They will always give their joy. Only human beings worry the animals and humans, spoiling the earth.

            We say “Clean the air,” but what is polluting the air? Bad thoughts, criminal thoughts, anger. These are poison that spreads in the air. All other things can be cleaned, but how to bind the mouth, the heart? The air will be purified only when you bring blessings in your heart and serve the earth. That will be a great purifying fountain.

            So whenever you think, “I must speak about God,” make a firm decision that it is the most difficult path. Then you won’t see the difficulties. A person who expects to meet love everywhere will surely be disappointed. Decide: “I must go on serving. Others may throw stones, but I will go ahead.” Then you will go on serving and will not despair.

            When you serve someone, never think that he will thank you. God doesn’t want that. God says, “Love and forget it.” The One who supplies you has not given you any commitment (that you will be appreciated). Did the prophets place any conditions on their love? God says, “You are giving My love and you are setting conditions. I have given you freely—distribute freely.”

            There is only one demand: love, serve, speak with love, take healing from God and share it. Don’t share and then get angry, “Why didn’t they thank me?” My Father will never like that. What does God want? Pray: “Oh my Father, please bless the person who is troubling me the most. I am leaving this to you.” Then my Father will be so happy that you are pardoned and the other one is, too. If the Father sees that you want him to be cursed, perhaps He will close the gates in your face and say, “Get out.” He will say, “I don’t want what you are bringing. Come to me in love and service.”

            Love Him and share what He gives you, do seva. If He is happy, the whole Creation will be happy. You will never be discouraged. These eyes, ears, and body are given by Him. What are we to say to Him? These are His. He makes no demand on us. He only blesses, so you go on blessings. Don’t let the supply close.  

            If you say, “I’m the Bishop, the Granthi, the Mullah,” perhaps the Love of God is with those who say, “I am nothing. I have no title. I look at You and You look at me.”

            Someone asked the saint, “Why are you always smiling?” He said, “I am loving that One who is always happy, giving healing 24 hours a day.” Those people are blessed who think of God, do for God, keep faith in God, serve in the name of God, with no demands.

            The person who sees Him in the whole Creation always clashes with the authorities. They will quarrel with his actions, with his thoughts. Jesus is sitting in hearts, but the authorities are carrying on show business.

            My faith is that wherever you sit with love, the Light of God’s Love will fall there. Once Jesus sent his disciples saying, “Go, but don’t make a bargain of love. As I have loved you, give love to others. If people don’t want to listen to you, pray. If you come back angry, those people may be harmed. He is teaching love, nothing artificial.

            If you ask the air, it will say, “I get love from God.” If you ask the waves of the ocean, they will say, “We are making tunes for Him to hear.” The mountains will say that all their beauty is for Him.

            This is an inner feeling. If you go inside, you will see His love everywhere. If not, pray, worship, and read scripture. Don’t waste them by having anger and hatred in your mind. Stay happy.