October 31, 1997 – The importance of law and order


            Romesh Bhandari, Governor of Uttar Pradesh, has come for Maharaj’s blessings. Governors of Indian states are appointed by the President of India with the advice of the Prime Minister. As political appointees, they do not have the wide-ranging powers of the state Chief Ministers, who are elected by the people. But they are supposed to uphold the constitution and the law. Maharaj thus speaks to Governor Bhandari about law and order, in a spiritual context:

            There are two things: karma and the Guru’s merciful gaze. With reading of scripture and worship, karma is broken and difficulties averted. No matter what the religion, the role of reading scripture is to clean karma. Do good actions and don’t desire their fruits. But now everyone is bargaining.

            The love of God will never let you down. It will always protect and uplift you. But these days people are far away from dharma. They are attacking each other’s evils and not looking at their own. With enmity, ego, and hatred, people can’t do any good work.

            Good people keep a guard over their speech and check their inner meter. Thus peace, law and order, and dharma arise.

            What is our country’s background? Great sages, the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Guru Granth Sahib. But all people have slipped from dharma. Whoever has power makes the law now.

            Your position’s status is based mostly on respect for an elder, but you can interfere in the government if there is corruption. And those beneath you have to carry out law and order. Now the law is broken. How long will this last?

            People think dharma is a matter of temples and mosques. But no—it should be a matter of action. It never says to take charity and commit crimes. However, these days the “religious” are sitting idle and justice is lost. We should stand on our old culture. Otherwise your respect, character, and goal will be attacked as soon as people open their mouth.

            When dharma comes, all fighting will end. There will be no high and low. Caste means that one is strong and another weak, but that is not true. Our goal is that there should be law and order in the country, and that those who have done wrong will understand.

            After these general observations, Maharaj also gives Governor Bhandari some specific advice pertaining to Uttar Pradesh, such as its need for clean drinking water. The Governor listens to him very respectfully and carefully.