December 22, 1994 – Guidance to a cabinet minister


            Many government leaders come to Maharaj Ji for blessings, and he inevitably gives them spiritual guidance as well as practical advice. Today it is the central government’s cabinet minister for power. As I come in, Maharaj Ji is giving him precious instructions on how to remain spiritually connected in the midst of worldly pressures:

If everyone around you is praising you, know that it’s your bad karma. Understand that a person has no ability. God says, “Have you forgotten your promise to Me that when you come to the earth you will acknowledge that I am doing everything?” The Lord will not raise this issue. He will forgive you and bless you again.

            Always be aware that we can never thank God enough for all He has bestowed on us. How can we thank Him for what He will give in the future if we haven’t even thanked Him for this? The human is like a child who is never grateful for what he has been given.

            Those who continually thank God are very lucky. Very fortunate are those who know that God exists. Even luckier are those who thank God for everything. Even luckier are those who think in times of greatest turmoil that ‘All this is also Yours.’ Always keep this in mind. Do not let the effect of the times have an effect on you. Don’t let it scar your life, for events will pass away.

            The mind keeps a clear record of everything. Make sure your mind is cleared in meditation. Sit in meditation and try to merge in Him. His Love, His Merciful Gaze is so powerful that when this mercy falls on a person, he is transformed.

            There is no doubt that you have faith. It is only because of your faith and your meditation that you have been able to withstand the great darkness.

Maharaj then enquires about the minister’s health and opens a discussion of government policies to alleviate poverty.

            Giving land to the poor was a very bad scheme. If you go and closely observe its effect at the village level, you will see that no Prime Minister can eventually control the chaos. There are many other methods: Give them free education for children, free school books. If they can’t eat, think of how you can get food to them. Then you should put up large factories and give them only jobs for which they have an aptitude.

            The first thing you must do is all get together sincerely and decide to develop those ideas that will really benefit the people. Form those ideas—factories, universities, schools—and give responsibility for running them to the right people. No decisions should be based on caste—only on merit. Gather all parties on neutral ground to discuss how we should develop the nation. At the meeting, opposition will be strong. So should be your conviction.  

            There are many very intelligent and educated people among you from South India who understand what India is about. Krishna has given you a chariot and bow and arrow, like Arjun. It is time for you to actually control the situation. The chance you have now might not come again. Make a shift in your policy. It is a battle of wits, not of swords.

            I am very happy that you people from the South have great faith in God. The one who does so is best for the country. Those with no faith, even if they have good ideas, will falter somewhere.  Nobody has a firm goal. You should make one so that you continue scoring. It is easy to fight with those who have no goals. The field is vacant, so you will continue scoring. People will be dazed by your conviction.

            Come with a lot of policies and I will take hukam on each of them to see if He agrees. If He does, be sure that He will back you in it also.  Frame good policies. People are actually still waiting to fall in behind you.