December 23 A, 1994 – Transformation by religion


            Reporters from a German magazine have come to see Maharaj. He speaks to them for a long time, giving them an excellent statement about how we would change if we believe in religion. Here are some points from his talk:

Understand dharma as the base of character. Change comes when one follows the hukam. If you think religion is only a ritual, it will never change your life.


Dharma was never meant to make your mind hard; it means to make your mind gentle.


The scriptures are truly spiritual, for they came from divine wisdom, but just bowing before them is of no use. What is needed is to practice the teachings written in them. If you bow at a holy place, for a second love comes in your heart. But if you get up early and meditate,  your karma changes.


People come to a gurdwara and then go home, just as if they had gone to see a film. God is not an actor or a club. He is the One who develops our character. If you never take the class, how will you graduate? How will the Tenth Door of enlightenment open? You may go to that classroom, but you are not a student.


God is everywhere. You can speak with Him, feel His Love, if you practice dharma.


Karma is a circle. The only way to break it is to wake early in the morning and meditate.

Enlightenment is an inner fire that burns your bad karmas and empowers good karma.

Everyone’s mind is sick. What is the disease of the mind? Worrying, “What will happen?” What is the cure for this disease? Wash the mind with Nam. Then the mind will get the food it needs. The fearful, antagonistic mind will become fearless, without enmity.

Faith in God is essential, because God does everything. Make Him your Friend, your Mother, your Father, your Support, your Guru, and you will meet the One who Is far greater than any worldly form of these qualities.

With dharma, what a great person you will become.