December 23 B, 1994 – How to meditate


The son of the German magazine reporter does not want to meditate. Maharaj speaks to him in terms that he can understand and accept:

            If you want to have a strong mind, happy family life, and good business, meditation will give you all that. How to meditate? Focus your whole mind. Think of the prophet whom you like the best, or any beloved person or thing. When you focus on that one, his or her qualities will come forth in you. You will start feeling this from today.

            When you deeply love, you will be thinking only of that beloved one. Then the question of how long to meditate falls away. Even when you are working, your thought is on the one you love. It is good to start with one and a quarter hours daily of meditation on the one whom you most love.

            The boy suggests, “Perhaps I could meditate on my father? Or what about my grandfather?”

In his greatness, Maharaj says, “Why not?”