December 28, 1994 – Returning to the love of Jesus


Gerard Menzel, a world-rover, is here from Australia. He says,

Being with Babaji has brought me back to the true understanding of Jesus’ love. I had rejected everything of religion, especially Christianity, because of the power structures in the Church. Here I felt just the love. It is a love of total giving, non-attachment, and the feeling of this pure light, this pure energy, of being bathed in it all the time. When you set your mind to Christ, or Guru Gobind Singh, or any of the other Gurus, you just get the Light.

Tej Atwal of Delhi, speaking of her recent experience of Christmas at Gobind Sadan, says,

Words cannot describe it. If there is heaven, we saw it here. If there are deities, we could feel their presence here. Even the lowliest people who don’t even know anything about Jesus were very deeply touched, in their heart.