July 24, 1996 – Dharma in the Police force


            A senior police official from Punjab has come for blessings. Maharaj gives him a long talk to inspire his public service with dharmic principles. In part, he says,

            Who is great? One in whom is Dharma, loyalty to the country and to one’s office. We have all made mistakes. But people are weak because they have no time to confront their errors. When you make a decision never consider caste. Consider a person’s qualities and efforts.

            Another weakness is that we understand management as religion, and hate it. The Guru is not the same as management. Jesus is not the same as the Pope. Whenever the prophet comes, he shares his spiritual wisdom, gives up all his comfort, and keeps nothing for himself. He tells people, “You are all children of one Father.” He will never be happy if there is fighting in His family.

            God has given you a chance—to do justice, to deal well with people. Before going to your office, bow before Him and say, “I am not worthy. You are so merciful.” He gives everything. It is essential to thank Him. Pray, “Please give peace to our country, justice to our officers.” Never ask Him to punish your enemies.

            May God bless you in your great responsibility, that you may remove corruption from your office. Study Dharma. Then you will have no worry. Leave conflict and crime. You can make Punjab an example for all India.

            Maharaj gives Jaap Sahib to the official and says to him, May you do great work by which people will remember you. With Dharma and law, you will be successful.