July 24, 1997 – To the Karnal sangat


            Many of Maharaj’s staunch old devotees from Karnal have come to see Maharaj. He went there first at the start of his outward mission in the 1960’s, and so many miracles happened at that time. They are now concerned about some kind of clash, so he reassures them about that in his own way and them reminds them of major points in his mission.

            There is always some kind of war—so people are happy! If there is no war, their “thermometer” stops working.

            Scientists and dervishes are both researchers. The cosmos is an ocean whose elements are studied and then inventions are made with them. Now they are spending so much to send machines to Mars but without spending any money Guru Nanak said that there are many planets. It is unfortunate that Guru Nanak’s teachings have not gone into the villages. If they had, people would be amazed at his scientific descriptions. There are also very old discoveries written in the Vedas, but Guru Nanak touched on everything—such as how to live nicely in society and in the family, and the nature of God. However, these things have not spread.

            We came from the Aryan race as kshatriyas, with Ramchandra as our ancestor, as mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib. Why don’t we respect what the Guru has said? He said to first believe in Vedic religion. Why criticize Shiva? Goddess Durga? Guru Gobind Singh wrote such high praises of the Goddess—that on seeing her glory even the sun trembled. The Vedas say, “Om,” “Neti, neti” (beyond, beyond). Maharaj says, “Wah!” “Hari is in the water, Hari is in the earth.” Maharaj gave positions to all Names of God in Gurbani. Guru Granth Sahib says, “Don’t call the Vedas and revealed scriptures false—Those are false who do not contemplate them.” But you say, “How can they be equal?” Guru Nanak said, “God is all-pervading,” but you want to make forts. We should say what he said, but you are challenging his hukam. We have turned everything upside down, so our religion hasn’t spread.

            Badal (Prakash Singh Badal, Chief Minister of Punjab and President of Shiromani Akali Dal Sikh-centered party) told me they have no dharmic speakers. Tohra (Gurcharan Singh Tohra, President of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee) told me that dharma has disappeared. Barnala (Surjit Singh Barnala, former Chief Minister of Punjab) said, “Babaji, mehar karo!” (Please have mercy, give blessings!) In the past two years, all leaders of India have come here. It’s good that our family is coming here. If everyone gets together, there will be such great fruit for gurdwaras. If gurdwaras’ resources were properly used, everyone would be educated and there would be no poverty.  This is a house, and it just needs a bit of repair from time to time.

            Always do good work, and there will be good fruit. But don’t desire the fruits. Guru Gobind Singh had nothing at one point, but he was happy because God was with him. Whatever happens, say “Sat bachan” (Yes, sir) to Him. Good fruit will come of it.

            You are very blessed, because you stood with us when people were throwing stones. One never forgets those who have loved him and served him in the past.

            You are making history—Mary is writing it. All the prophets were illiterate, but their words have made all the religions and laws. God is happy with the language of love, but spoke the language of whatever place He manifested.

            Maharaj blesses them all as they leave. It is very touching to see these tough men bow before him with such love.