July 18, 1997 – Celebrating the Prophet Muhammad


            Maharaj ji, out of his great love and respect for the Prophet Muhammad, has ordered that we celebrate his birthday for three days. By his hukam, these three days have included lighting of special cherags, with candles and colored bulbs added tonight. The sangat has been very happy, and everyone is sweetly wishing each other special Eid greetings.

Lilya and Viktor from Russia have dreamily helped set out candles. Gurdaspur sangat has come to add extra emphasis on singing and devotions. Tonight, Major Sahib has given a good talk on the One Light of Allah, the interfaith nature of Guru Granth Sahib, and the life story of the Prophet Muhammad.

A Muslim Deputy Inspector General of Police and his family have come for Maharaj’s blessings. As he speaks to them about the virtues of the Prophet, Maharaj says,

The Prophet never hurt anyone’s feelings. He had such a soft heart.

Evil will always clash with truth, but evil never wins.