July 10, 1997 – Our old spiritual account


                Maharaj is speaking to some of his staff and close devotees. They have raised the question of how our spiritual practice manifests itself in the next life. Maharaj says,

                Some people seem to have no good qualities. Others are beautiful or intelligent. Others have nothing, but their level comes from meditation in their previous life. Such a person may have left his body behind but not his goal. He comes with such a great account. Meditation builds a wonderful account, and it is very safe. God has hidden this.

                There are various gifts that a person may have, such as wealth, ease of meeting people, etc. A person may feel successful, but his success is because he ended his last life with such advancement. It becomes higher in this life. He takes such a degree into the next life. This is true of everyone.

                The prophets thus stand on meditation. The proof of meditation is amazing. That light is like crores of suns.

                Our old sanskars (tendencies) go with us from our previous life. Scientists, engineers, dervishes and the like return to their same profession. People who are with Maharaj now demanded to come back with him, although they have forgotten. They may be born anywhere, speaking any language.

                This meditation account will never be closed. It gives us willpower and glory for ages. It is unequalled. It will ultimately take you to the land of Light where there is no injustice.

                On the other hand, if you stop reciting Nam, you will be nervous in this life and very miserable in the next life. All prophets have therefore emphasized Nam. They tell us that the soul is eternal; this life is just a temporary platform. Someone said to Jesus that they wanted to create a permanent storehouse for their goods. He looked in vision at his Father’s House and saw there was no store of theirs there.

                Stress developing good karma. Be kind, truthful, and serving even if you don’t want to be. This practice has decreased. What we have built up instead is worry. Build a tree whose roots reach 50 miles under the ground. Nothing can hurt it. Give truth so that you will receive truth. As the Ninth Guru said, beware even of your subconscious sins.

                Tomorrow will keep coming, but you may not. Your ancestors worried about tomorrow and they have gone anyway. Let the One who will make tomorrow worry about it. Just thank Him.

                If a person meditates and yet faces struggles, know that gold has to be melted in order to be shaped into beautiful ornaments for important places. Just so, the personality must be annihilated. Whoever has reached a high place has done so step by step. God is merciful, but eating laddoos all the time is not good for us. God is kind, but he gives people tests. Jesus was happy even on the cross. Willingness to sacrifice is God’s gift. Such a person is remembered in history and is written about in books that people study in universities, even though perhaps he didn’t even know how to read.

 God’s blessing is created from karma. In His kingdom there is only Gobind, Gobind. Thank Him who has created us again and again. He is like a farmer who cuts his crops whenever he chooses, whether fully ripened or not. We cannot see our true age, which is lakhs of years.