December 20, 1992: On Preaching

As I had gone back temporarily to India to arrange interviews about Gobind Sadan for the BBC, I missed Maharaj’s speaking tour in the Northeast USA. Staff members told me it was overwhelmingly successful, and many people were deeply transformed.

On December 20th Maharaj spoke to me about preaching in the United States:

It is much easier here than in India. Here the window glass through which people are looking is fairly clean already. It is only slightly dirty, and is easily cleaned by the Light. All that people need is a little guidance. In India, that glass is so dirty that washing it with Light just makes holes in it.

Don’t force it. The Light will come in its own time. Everywhere there is great darkness now. People are longing for the Light.

There are two minds. One is always in meditation, always merged with God. This mind cannot communicate with the outer world. The other mind is involved in worldly things. Only when the person forgets this worldly mind can God speak through him. When Maharaj is asked a question, it is God who answers.