December 22, 1992: God’s Program is so powerful

Petite Katharine Chaffee of Cape Cod had interviewed me about Gobind Sadan on her television program about spirituality some time ago. As the interview began, we both disappeared and Maharaj took both roles—interviewer and interviewee. She has been at his feet ever since but had never met him. When I called to tell her that Maharaj was nearby, she dropped everything two days before Christmas and immediately took a six-hour train ride to come to him, even though her son had just come home from college and one of her daughters was undergoing a potentially serious medical examination. For her faith, she was rewarded with tremendous grace. She never took her eyes off Maharaj as he advised her:

 Katherine at Maharaj’s feet
Katherine at Maharaj’s feet

All the times are already fixed, including your time for coming here. When God creates us, the whole timetable is written down. You were to come today.

When the person is so full of love that he sees love everywhere, when he is in love with the unique One in whom are all qualities, he develops those qualities. It is not only that God is love; He also creates love. It is not only that God is truth; He also creates truth. God is Light, and God develops light around us.

To love God is not a theory. He tries to hide. If someone sees God, he tries to tell others. He shouts God’s praises, and God gives him a lot of power. But sometimes God says, “Please don’t tell too much about Me.” Nevertheless, I am telling about God because whatever you have, you should share.

God never tires of giving. He is always laughing. Sometimes people are angry, but God is never angry. He always says, “Please come; sit with Me.” The person wonders, “What is God saying?”

Those who have loved Him have also become still. Somebody asked, “Why are you always happy, always quiet?” Because there is love. The One I love is always happy, and I am always happy. People get angry, but I have made a Friend who is never angry. He is always happy.

I say, “Love Him, for He is good in all respects. He is full of love. He doesn’t look at your bad habits. He doesn’t ever leave you, though you might try to leave Him. He always keeps giving you happiness.”

Jesus says, “Those people who come to Me are blessed when others give them trouble. Those who unite people are blessed. Those who serve are also blessed. Don’t be afraid, don’t worry. Our own father would never give stones instead of bread to his children. My Father is so full of love that He always gives love.”

Jesus says, “You always worry about tomorrow. You never made tomorrow. God makes it—let Him worry about it. Whatever happens today, let us thank Him today. Whatever happens tomorrow, thank Him again.”

Don’t worry about your dress; look at the flowers. God gives them such beautiful dress, such lovely fragrance. See how beautifully the mountains are decorated. See the waves flowing. There is nobody to guide the waves—it is God’s nature. See how beautiful the trees are. Don’t worry. Keep looking at these things and keep being happy, for He is always happy.

We must all stress this: We must not abandon God’s love and create pressures in our heart. The heart is very soft. It does not tolerate pressure or fear. It wants love. Why are we all nervous? He has not given us these worries. We are putting them on our heart.

God said, “I am giving you free will. I am giving you My thoughts. It is not My mission to keep you under pressure. I have given you the ability to see what is good and bad.” When you don’t listen to your conscience, it will stop guiding you. If you keep listening to your conscience, it will always keep guiding you. Those who are good always listen to their conscience. Whenever they want to do something, their conscience says, “This is good” or “This is bad.” When a person doesn’t listen, he becomes very worried.

We must keep in mind that we should not give to others that which we do not like. If you become angry because someone is doing something bad, look into yourself. You may find that same thing in yourself. Then you will calm down. We don’t try to look at the weaknesses in ourself; we look at the weakness in others and we become angry.

Always keep in mind that whether a person is black or white, big or small, rich or poor, God is love, for everyone. All people, all animals, all flowers want love, and whenever you don’t go near them, they become sad. Only the one who loves flowers recognizes when they are sad. Everything has life. Whenever you give love to something, it will love you in return. You can only listen to them if you first love God. Then you will listen to them, talk to them, and they will talk to you in return.

We will see God only in Nature. When you love Nature, the Father is happy. When you love His children, He is happy. When there is unity in the family, the Father is always happy. If we want our Father to be happy, we must love His creation.

At this time, in this country, we must encourage people and have them work. Everybody is coming to the big cities, but people must work on the land. There are a lot of hidden treasures in this land, but the people sitting on the treasure are talking about poverty and pressure. More people have to work on the land in order to be happy. It will get worse if it goes on like this.

Families are not going to come together through ideas. Family unity is an inner thing that must come from God. When people love Him, He will bring them together. Ideas cannot change the spirit—only God can change it. Unless people start loving God, they will not change.

Religions tell people not to divorce. People asked Jesus if they could divorce if they were not on good terms. He said, “Remember that your marriage was my Father’s hukam. How can you doubt Him? Stay together. Have love within your family and for your neighbor.”

One day Jesus said, “Love God. Don’t distribute all your love to your family and give Me what is left over. I don’t need that leftover love. First bring all your love to Me and then distribute that Love to your neighbors and family.”

Why is this disease of family disunity spreading? Because people are not happy or tolerant. When you cannot tolerate each other, how can you stay together? It is very necessary to stay together in order to keep children and society happy. Societies and nations develop from family. Whatever is at the village and city level forms our nation. It is very necessary that we should remain together at home. Children turn to drugs because they see their parents fighting. They need help, and they take the help of drugs.

Many big seminars are being held and big edifices being built, but more and more people are becoming unhappy. There is nothing in this. It is just show, not God.

We all believe that God is love, kindness, faith. Since God is all that, God is too busy to go into big religious buildings and sit there. God’s choice is not like ours. God doesn’t want a big car, a big house, big furniture. He looks at someone who is suffering, who is having problems, who is ill. God is working among them, helping them to recover, blessing all of them. It takes millions of years for God to uplift these people. He might forget about all these buildings—He doesn’t even remember they have all been built in His name. People have put all this marble in them, chairs in them; the preacher is sitting there nicely dressed. God says, “Why should I go there? Let them be there. I’ll do My work.” Jesus said, “Oh Father, it is their choice, not Yours, that they have made large buildings for religion.”

Jesus said, “Don’t think I have come just for the good people. I have come for the weak people, those who have fallen behind. My Father heard their prayers and when He was full of kindness, He sent me to the earth and said, “For those who are weak, help them stand. For those who are in darkness, lift them to the Light.”

The preacher should be an example. He has to have love and kindness, and has to work. All the preachers all over the world are sitting idle, doing nothing. That is why people are leaving worship.

In this country, people are afraid to talk about God due to the lack of love. Love has no eyes, no ears, but love can shape the whole world. Love is a very powerful thing. Love spoke before the people, before the priests, with a loud voice and amazed everyone. When the religious leaders and priests heard Jesus, they said to each other, “We are all talking about God, but he is talking in full faith.”

People who talk about God without knowing God are like doctors operating without knowledge. They would hurt the patient. Buddha ran away from all the manmade buildings, sat on the dirt under the peepul tree, and saw the Creator. He ran away from the palace, from his wife, so that they might not take him back.

God’s program is so powerful. People make mistakes, and God sends someone to speak, starting from that place where they make mistakes.

As we drove Katherine back to the train station, she was buzzing intensely from all the blessings and guidance she had received. She said, “I never had this experience before. Jesus was there the whole time showering light on me. Great blessings were coming to me.”

I gave her Maharaj’s Nam—“Ik Onkar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru”—to make her fearless. “I’m afraid to talk about God,” she said, “for I know that some people will turn away from me.” “But if you really love someone,” I countered, “you can’t help talking about them, for you can think of nothing else, and the words keep flowing forth from your heart.”