June 12, 1997b – Don’t be too trusting

Although Maharaj lives in an enlightened realm of noble thought, he is also quite aware of our worldly foibles. A woman asks him if she is behaving correctly, and he says, “No.” He explains,

You believe everyone, but not everyone is innocent like you. You make decisions too quickly. Decisions should be taken slowly. Otherwise you will be distressed. Give things time. 

Don’t think that everyone is like you. Remember the words of Jesus: “Keep the mind of a serpent and the heart of a dove.” Don’t think of everyone as being loving and friendly. They will betray you. You are keeping both the mind and the heart of a dove. Jesus was God-realized, and he didn’t advise this. 

Don’t mix love and business. Not everyone in business is loving. Your mind is innocent and loving. Have less faith in peoples’ words. You are trusting everyone, and it is bad for you. One won’t find one person in one crore with a tender mind like yours. 

God will give you willpower. With Jaap Sahib, He will be your constant and steadfast companion.