13 June 1997 – Don’t be afraid


            The Roerich Society was created In the name of Nicholas Roerich, the great Russian artist, scientist, and mystic who spent many years in India studying the ancient culture here. Some of his followers have asked Maharaj about the future, for they are worried about upcoming disasters. He assures them,

            What you have said is true, but the history of these times was written lakhs of years ago. These things keep happening. It was written long ago that there would be earthquakes and such. There are some particles in the cosmos of which you are not even aware. They appear and then vanish. This world will not end, though there will be various effects. Good and bad will continue to occur, but the world will not end. Tell the public not to worry.

            God created diseases and also medicines. God creates destructive rays, and also repairing rays that come after them.

            People are afraid of what they don’t see. They are afraid of death. They can’t see that a person who dies of cancer is freed. Over there they are dancing because a new baby is being born. Death is nothing. We take so many births.

            One person is afraid of a snake he sees. Another is afraid of snakes he can’t see. Some get sick from fear of flies. Some try to kill snakes from fear, but others know that snakes have beneficial effects. Martyrs race to join their Guru in the next life.

 Thought makes one strong or fearful. Strength or weakness of thought is an effect of karma. Hazrat Ali, the son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad, was decapitated, but he still sat on his horse. He knew that the spirit of Allah can never be cut. There are so many cases like this, of the deathlessness of those who have faith in God. If you associate with weak people, you will be weakened. It doesn’t take reading to be strong-willed; by His Grace a person is strong-willed.

People may worry about the effects of flies, but lakhs of people live in the villages, drinking milk and tea into which flies have fallen, without worrying that the flies may be spreading disease.

Doctors create fear; society creates fear. Why are people sick in the cities? It’s true that dangerous things do exist, but fear is even greater. In our village we were cleaning the tank of dirty water with no thought of disease. Village life was so strong. Now people have become very weak.

            Raw sugarcane is so good for the heart and liver, but now people don’t chew those canes. Everything is ”purified,” but has become poisonous. Ghee and butter are so good for you, but now doctors have forbidden eating them. Eighty-year-olds are still sitting there in the villages, drinking milk and eating a full diet. There is great strength in natural foods. Beans are very good for the heart.

            Thought makes the difference between contentment or weakness. Death is just a change out of old clothes. Why be against new ones? Your coming and going will never end.

            Today the thoughts of all people, of society, have become very weak. Your ancestors spent their whole life worrying about tomorrow, but they are gone anyway.

            Look how God creates and feeds a baby in the womb. How does air get there? Once it is born God provides it with milk, and then later provides teeth when it is ready to eat.

            God is a farmer who cuts the crop when He wants. Wheat grains sprout—they are not dead. In the same way, after the body dies, the soul takes birth again. What an amazing chain!

            All the prophets speak of heaven, of bahisht. They all said, “There is a very pure place.”

            God knows to whom to give enlightenment. He grasps our arm and lifts us out of the ocean of darkness. There may be lakhs of people interviewing for a job, but only one is chosen. He interviews looking for truth in thought and speech, for a person who laughs in the midst of struggles, who when being crucified asks God to bless those who are doing it. Complaint is ended There. But people are crying here because their child has gone.

            At one time Guru Gobind Singh was totally abandoned, with his whole family gone, and he didn’t even have a bed to sleep in, but he said, “Oh God, Your mercy is with me!”

            Don’t waver after seeing people. Only God is steadfast. People seem to look and listen, but they don’t really pay attention to the Guru. Whatever is written by Gurus is from vision. It will never be false. Read the newspapers and you will see that everything Guru Gobind Singh wrote about this period is true. What is written in vision should surely be shared. These days people’s faith is weak because of seeing management.

            Despite setbacks, keep going ahead with love. People will keep forgetting, and God will keep forgiving. People will become discouraged, but not the rare Kabir.