June 18, 1997 – Recover the ideals of dharma


            A group of men has come from Punjab, some of them elders, some of them crestfallen youth. Maharaj ji reminds them of the great history of Sikhs, which is all but lost now:

            Khalsa was created at a very difficult time and imbued with very high qualities, but now people with no character call themselves Khalsa. These things have all become hidden, but you haven’t searched.

            You must make a goal for your life. Guru Gobind Singh’s voice will always be lofty even if everything else dies. He is from the Eternal One. He said he wasn’t taken in by this ephemeral world. He would speak what God told him.

            Take dharma to Punjab. Rise above the current situation. Make Him your father and all of you should be subservient to Him. You should do something for your religion—not just sit in the fort.

            Make a goal for what you want to do with your life. It is necessary to take care of that which develops your character. You have worked very hard. A person who works very hard will never be a betrayer.

            One of the young visitors gives a long explanation of his plans for improvement in the villages. Maharaj says,

            There are two things: schemes and practical life. Schemes take a lot of effort. You must keep your goal very strong and your faith in Guru very strong.

            Throughout India, the youth have totally failed. Not one is powerful. If you try to spread dharma through money, no matter how much you spend, it won’t work. When a person stands with dharma, all paths open to him.

            No camp has sided with me, but my programme has been to try to follow the Gurus’ old hukams. Now look at the result. All parties have come to me and asked for hukam. We have no relationship to them—only to Guru Gobind Singh. They have so much money but we don’t need it. We stand on our own hard work.

            Policy and dharma have always been joined. Krishna and Ramchandar were dharmic and rulers as well. Rulers have always gone to dervishes.

            What is the role of dharma? To do justice, uphold truth, and remove corruption and casteism. Those who are ready to give their time without self-interest are truly dharmic. We had to struggle so hard and there was such opposition from the majority party, but by Maharaj’s grace, we never wavered from our goal.

            There are so many schemes for development. Just go to villages and homes, but beware of money and beauty. If you stay above both, your programme will start. If not, our programme will slip.

            Why are the youth afraid? Attachments with girls and loss of character. Keep  your goal safe, with Maharaj ji’s help. Throughout the country, there is no power with any youth. If you break the law, you will be scared and enslaved by that fear.

            Someone came telling me he was going to arrange a big function. I warned him not to because he would have to get money from someone, and then would belong to him. He went ahead, and his programme is ended.

            You have to give proof of the qualities of dharmic development, in yourself. The whole world is ready for Guru Gobind Singh’s message. Guru Gobind Singh gave all enlightened wisdom and his own example, but where is the example today? People just do as they like.

            There will be so much opposition against you youth. Such a bad class has developed, taking young women and stealing. These projects for villages are good, but don’t slip. A lot will happen. The most important connection is with Guru Gobind Singh.  His is the most difficult work. Give straight speaking about the Guru’s word only. Dharma is always a great struggle. Some speak of it but have no willpower. To avoid opposition, go straight in a dharmic way.

 Don’t be discouraged. Maharaj’s door is always open.