June 24, 1997 – The dervish takes on others’ sufferings


                Whenever we need to drill a new tubewell, we always ask Maharaj ji first to tell us the best place to dig, for he can see the water wherever it is lying, sometimes hundreds of feet below the surface of the land. In this case, Gerald and Lena Shagedanov need to drill a new well to supply the “Russian kothi” they have renovated here. Maharaj reports from vision that the water will be found at a place he specifies, 350 feet below the surface, amidst blue stone. This means that it will be very pure water. He also says that the water supply there is very, very plentiful. He says, “The whole pahari (hill area) is an ocean of water, whereas down here in the central community there is no water. In that other place which you were considering, where there is a wall, there is no water at all.”

                His visionary guidance is of great practical value. He explains to Gerald and Lena,

                We are living in a spiritual country. Wherever a spiritual person says there is water, it is. Even if there is no water, but the dervish says, ‘Drill there,’ there is water.

                However, finding water is a hardship for the seer. That is why dervishes don’t show many miracles. Jesus could feel someone touching his dress to take healing, because that poison has to go somewhere. Jesus actually did very few miracles. If you love God, you don’t interfere in His programming by trying to change things.

                There was a person who asked to take on my sufferings [from healing others]. I said, ‘You couldn’t tolerate them.’

                Why do people give offerings and recite Jaap Sahib? To mitigate sufferings.

                I have been instructed not to let people touch my feet. That current immediately goes out. The Fifth Guru told that Mataji had no disease. Rather, she was taking on the diseases of others. There will definitely be an effect on the body.

                There are many stories of how Maharaj took on other people’s sufferings, with visible effect on his own body. For instance, when our feisty Miss Chand was being beaten in Chandigarh since she had challenged Maharaj ji’s opponents, blood appeared on Maharaj’s body here in Gobind Sadan. I think we should do as he says—do seva and read Jaap Sahib—to mitigate our own problems and clear our bad karmas, rather than pile them on him. Sometimes Maharaj tells a story of Jesus: When taunted by the devil during his retreat in the wilderness to jump off a cliff and have God catch him, if his God was so powerful, Jesus said that he loved God too much to give Him such trouble.