February 15, 1993 – Harmony in the Home

In my diary there is an entry from approximately February 15th.  I didn’t note who it was to whom Maharaj was speaking, but apparently it was a couple. Whoever they were, what he said to them would apply to many whose marital relationships are tense. According to my notes from Ralph Singh’s translation into English, Maharaj said,

We are all travelers on this path. We have to decide whether to be happy on this journey. We can be happy if we take God’s Name and Love.

Don’t have so many expectations (of each other). Leave room in your heart for the arguments that will inevitably occur, because our karmas are different. It doesn’t mean that you are destined to fight, but don’t be shocked by it.

When we love God, God will never disappoint us. No matter what happens, that love of God will feed us. God speaks so sweetly and is so full of kindness that those who love God are full of that sweetness and kindness. If we turn our thoughts even briefly in His direction, He will fill us with love.

God is not a theory. God exists. Not only did God create all of Nature; He also maintains its working.

If you want to raise your child to be independent and responsible, don’t raise your voice or fight in front of your children. There can be no greater sacrifice. Our example has a bigger effect than our words. Whatever we say in public, we should first practice ourselves.

When you love God, the love and kindness, the attraction of that love, and the desire to serve humanity that will come are beyond description. If you want to help people, look to help those who are really in need. Don’t choose on the basis of who is a friend or enemy. Be neutral and help those in need. Don’t regard anyone as enemy or friend. Then God will be very happy. But it is not that God needs to be happier. We are filled with a fountain of happiness that spurts within us.

As it is written in Gurbani, In Kali Yuga, the whole world is burning. Nam will cool us. There is a great need for water to douse the flames. That love of God provides a shield around you so that the thoughts of people who are raging with fire won’t affect you. We have to escape from those bad thoughts and negative influences. Some arise inside ourselves; some come from outside.

We all need God’s blessings greatly. When you turn to that love of God and receive God’s blessings, you’ll be very happy.