February 16, 1994 II: Recite Nam and remain happy


In the afternoon, Maharaj made some very important points as he talked with people while sitting outside in his simple courtyard. Among other things, he said,

We must recite Nam to charge our karma and become a good person. We must meditate, continually turning inside to see what is there. One person loving God affects crores of others.

                Guru Nanak said, “In Nanak’s house there is only Nam.” But we don’t recite Nam, so there is greed, jealousy, and pride in us. The dervish is very powerful and full of grace, because there is no self-interest there.

                We should love everything, and God will be happy. It is very necessary to remain happy, but everyone is discouraged and depressed. Happiness, love, and enjoyment come from within. God makes no demands on us, except to love others.