February 16, 1994 I: Healing by God’s grace


A spiritual healer from Scandinavia has come for Maharaj’s guidance and blessings. He says that he heals with energy, awaking the person’s energy. Maharaj agrees, saying,

This is the idea: to feel that you are the vessel. Not every human being is a vessel for God’s blessings, but the prophets were. Nothing is under a human’s control.

                The prophets are always acting for the benefit of others. By contrast, the rest of us think we are, but we are actually acting for the interests of our own circles. All kinds of people came to Jesus, but he judged them by their demands. Thieves and good people all have the same demand: They ask for the interests of their own circles. They are not selfless.

The healer asks if a person can progress to that point, or if the prophets are automatically like that. Maharaj replies,

There is a way. There has to be a constant and strong struggle through meditation, because thoughts that emerge are often not altruistic and noble. Your job is to make that effort, to create that love, to remember Him, and then He may bestow [this gift on you].

                Christians believe that Jesus took on himself the karmas of all humanity. Moses would have been the prince but he couldn’t bear the slavery, so he took his people’s miseries on himself. God had chosen him, so he had to undergo that great suffering and banishment, living among the people. Once he was so hungry that he had to cut the hairs of a camel to sustain himself. God was pleased with him.