February 14, 1994: Meditate to change the world


                Maharaj is speaking with a visiting scholar who is often involved in organizing large conferences for the sake of world peace. Maharaj gives him this very practical advice:

Your mind is cut into many parts. When it sees what is happening in the outer world, it is unable to handle it.

                What is needed is meditation. We have to see from whence these thoughts arise. Who speaks? Who is responsible for these thoughts? Where is He sitting? When we understand this, we will be able to appreciate that everything is happening according to His order. The crops are being cut—some when ripe, some when only half-ripe, but all by His order. Unless one understands that, one keeps questioning everything that happens. Without meditation, we are not able to speak of wisdom, compassion, and love because there are so many questions inside us.

                Go inside in meditation. Then from that inner understanding everything in the world makes sense. We are not able to control anything. Accidents and earthquakes will happen. But if we meditate we can understand and accept them better, and if we communicate with God, He can help to mitigate these things.

                When Shaikh Farid saw the river flooding, breaking bridges and houses, he said to it, “You are also answerable to God.” Because he said this from inner wisdom, the river accepted and had to stop. People asked how the river could understand his words. He said, “There is life in water. He understood that I was speaking with love, so he accepted what I was saying.” If Shaikh Farid had instead said, “Let’s hold a meeting,” by the time they had organized it, the whole place would have been washed away.

                I can say from my own experience that it is possible that if we meditate and then speak from our own experience, those things will happen in reality.

                What meetings did Jesus hold? He just said, “Bless! Bless!” to the right and the left, and then he would say, “Go. Your faith has saved you.”  

                Meditation is the thing if you want to change the world. When Prophet Mohammad saw the crime, poverty, and theft around him, he said the time would come when no one would ask for alms. Because of his contact with God, God accepted that, and it became true.

                Jesus says, “Those people are blessed who try to unite other people, and all those who reach me with great difficulty are also blessed.”