February 3, 1997 – To politicians: Follow dharma in government


                Dr. Raj Wadwa, Principal of Vivekananda College, has brought a group of Delhi politicians to meet Maharaj ji. As political leaders are often involved in corruption and hate-mongering, Maharaj ji speaks to them of the importance of dharma in governance:

            Dharma stops us from committing violence, including speech that hurts. Be careful that such speech will not come to your tongue.

            You have made a commitment to the public. If you break that commitment, people will be distressed, and you won’t be recognized in God’s house.

            Stand with those who are in trouble. It is your duty. If anyone has a problem or an accident, you must immediately stand with them. Then perhaps in the next election, you won’t have to campaign, for people will already know you well.

            People from all over the world are looking at Delhi. They will appreciate how the buildings are built, but looking at the corruption they will think you are lawless. If you carry on good development, 1000 years from now people will be saying what a good person you were.

            From bottom to top in the government, if there is not good management our country will not do well. People will offer you corruption money and put pressure on you, but remember three things: 1) your commitment to God, 2) your commitment to people, and 3) If you cheat, your fame will decrease. To succeed, be respected because of your high character, and people will rush to your side.

            If Light comes, if angels come, they come amidst people. Keep God in your hearts, and serve the people. Whenever you make a commitment, pray to God to give you strength to carry it out and to deal fairly with the people without sectarian differences.

             This is our big house. If we quarrel over religious distinctions, we have wasted our time. Don’t do anything that would give your country a bad name.

            God has given you willpower so that you can deal nicely with the people. Always keep God in mind. Request Him, “May I nicely accomplish my work.”

            Maharaj offers Jaap Sahib to these men, and they come forward reverently to take them. He tells them, “Jaap Sahib is not of any sect. We have dharma to share with you.”