March 17, 1997 – He gives everything, without limit


            Maharaj is sitting privately with some of his close devotees: Giani Gurdev Singh, Ranvir Singh Khanna (“Vakil Sahib”), and Prem, wife of Swaranjit Singh. He is inspired to speak to them about the vast scope of the Guru’s blessings.

            He gives whatever his people ask for, whether government position or whatever. But to those who say only, “Do as You like,” He gives everything, without limit. One person asked, “Give us faith, give us your teaching,” and he was given boons for his whole lineage.

            People don’t know that the Guru’s Power extends for lakhs of years, so they ask for small, temporary things. The Guru said, “If you have faith in me and truth, you will be like a dog among lions.” Keep dharma inwardly 24 hours a day. But now it is all just symbols.

            Don’t be proud of your accomplishments. God is like the tree in which all are living. But when symbols come to the fore, dharma disappears. Dharma is an inner matter. See Him everywhere—This is dharma. As Guru Nanak said, “There is one Father, and we are all His children.” This is dharma. Speaking truth, loving others: This is dharma.

            Dharma has its own laws, just as a doctor tells the patient not to eat sweets because they will be bad for his liver.

            Guru Gobind Singh was 24 hours a day forgiving and blessing people. This is the exact opposite of a rigid, exclusivist way of religion. I feel the same way. When people are so happy while we are celebrating a prophet’s birthday that they dance, then I am happy. To bow to Guru Gobind Singh is to bow to the whole cosmos. He is Light manifested. But people’s basic feeling is jealousy.

            The hukam came from Guru Gobind Singh to do aarti (worship with a tray of divas, or oil lamps) with 21 divas, before Hanuman and all other deities. “You do it, and then I will do it after you,” Guru Gobind Singh said. And with this practice, Guru Gobind Singh is so happy.

            Jaap Sahib will spread to the whole world, because it is not at all kattar (rigid and exclusive). The prophet can never be kattar. Only a person can be. A mullah or granthi may be kattar, but not the Prophet Muhammad or Guru Gobind Singh.

            People are innocent, not recognizing the falseness of the sadhu. They mistake a common waterbird for a swan. The Guru says the waterbird spends its time upside down searching for food in the mud of the pond, but the swan comes from the pure lake.