March 18, 1997 – Healing addiction


                Father Roy Drake, a Christian priest who has helped to develop Gobind Sadan USA, is here to see Maharaj ji. Roy is a counselor in Alcoholics Anonymous, so Maharaj speaks to him about ending addiction:

                Helping addicts is a very important service. A person wants support from somewhere. If he gets support from love, he won’t need intoxicants. If he feels God’s Power within, then he will become so addicted to God’s Love that he won’t need any other support.

                Look at Jesus: His “addiction” to God’s Love was not broken when he was crucified. Instead, it increased, and the whole world became “addicted” to his word.

                People are not bad. They are misguided. If you sit with them and explore with love, they will love and will feel that addiction is temporary, whereas love is forever.

                Some things are bad, such as breaking families, waging war, committing crime. God does not say to commit crime or to fight. He says, “Love. Live in peace and give peace to others.” Take healing from God and give it to others.

                Why is God the greatest healer? He has no selfish motive. He distributes healing freely. Animals, trees, the earth–wherever He looks is healed. That is why we call Jesus a healer, for he is. He healed the whole Creation. He did so happily, with no demand for himself. Whether people thanked him or not was up to them. He said, “If you stone my speaking, even then I will shower love on you. There is only healing in my treasury–God has given me only this.” He even healed those who were stoning him. To him it was all the same, whether they threw stones or flowers. He healed both sides. He healed those who criticized him.

                Jesus’ healing is such an ocean that the power of its waves never breaks. His work is a circle of healing that never ends. To understand it requires love of Jesus. Practice his word; keep faith. He stressed three things: keep faith, serve, and love. When these three come inside, enmity ends. His Light comes and your identity finishes. There are no boundaries on his healings. If we bound his healing, what would animals and trees do? If the sun stops, even then his healing will remain. No one can measure his love. Even if all our pores praise him, it will not be enough. Those are blessed who love him, who think of him, who follow his teachings.

                It is good to thank God and tell Him, “We don’t understand–You must do it.” If we think we are doing, we will be proud. Go to sleep and wake thanking God. Tomorrow will always come. We are the guests of the Almighty yesterday and tomorrow. Why should we worry?

                A person finds that he is so happy inside when he receives a little love. What will happen when he receives the Great Love?

                He is very gracious. You are loving. God has given you a great work–to free people from slavery.