August 17, 1997 – Ganga’s power


            Some time back, Mata Ganga had invited Maharaj ji to have tea on her banks. When he did so, She told him that she was going to change her course, giving him a lot more land on his side of the river and inundating the lands of people downstream who had been opposed to his mission. In this monsoon season, She has done exactly that.

            Now a large group of Sikh farmers downstream have suffered heavy losses from breaks in the canal. Very fast water rushing in two directions have covered their fields and cut them off from roads. They have come to beg Maharaj to help them. Five representatives are brought into his small sitting room; perhaps 20 more wait outside to hear what Maharaj will say.

            Maharaj ji closes his eyes for a long time. Then he tells them what further damage there will be, according to that previous vision and also a new vision. Nevertheless, in his mercy, he says:

            Don’t worry. Your wish will be fulfilled. We will take hukam as to what offerings should be made to Ganga.

            That area should become more dharmic, for those spiritual Powers must be respected, to keep them happy. They can help so much. This is not a theory. They can also revolt. That is an area of old temples to Lord Shiva.

            Balwant Singh interrupts to tell them that our land near the Ganga has increased in relationship to the offerings that we have made. Maharaja continues:

            Scientific research has been done on the purifying power of Ganga water. The scientists don’t know what it is that eliminates disease in that water. Rishis have done tapasya on her banks, so for some reason that water doesn’t go bad. I think that in order to live in such a dharmic area, one must become dharmic.

            She called and invited me to have tea on her banks. She said that she would give all the land to me.

            We are farmers. God’s grace is another thing. I know that farmers have the greatest worries. All of their land is open to damage from insects and floods, despite all their hard work.

            Never mind. She is very loving. We must ask Her what She wants.

            The spokesperson for the farmers says, “It has been very hard for us to reach here.” Maharaj replies,

            Sikhs live with struggles 24 hours a day. They deserve medals. In that area you couldn’t even stand at first. Wherever there are people reclaiming such land, you will find that they are Sikhs.

            Some time we will make a farm there. Maybe people will clean up just for our coming! God is so merciful, but to live in that dharmic place one must be somewhat dharmic.

            Maharaj has been speaking to them kindly, not sternly, and even has a humorous expression, so by now he has these worried farmers laughing.  He says to them,

            Don’t worry. We are also farmers. We have come from the same background as you. It is His responsibility now.

            The farmers outside come in for his blessings. He reassures them,

            Don’t worry. Laugh! Enjoy! It’s His responsibility now. If you recite Nam and read scripture, you will be blessed.