August 15, 1997 – Cleaning thought

August 15, 1997 – Cleaning thought

            Maharaj is again wanting to send a message to the world. This time he is ostensibly speaking to Major Sahib, our venerable head granthi and historical researcher, but Maharaj  means for his words to reach much farther. His topic is cleaning our mind:

            All scriptures are about cleaning thought. Guru Granth Sahib says, “Filth has been accumulating on this mind for many births.” The mind is not something you can bind with a rope. Only with enlightenment can compassion and the desire to serve develop. Everyone is falling in darkness, but if you go toward the Light, you can see.

            People have all lost control over their thought. The mind has become a worried, wild horse. Whether or not you hold meetings, have a meeting with yourself.

            When gyan comes, the person becomes a dervish, a prophet. He remains a human being, but his thought changes inside.

            Act slowly. Don’t immediately become angry, or immediately try to help. Slowly build a city. It’s a long journey.

            How to improve people’s thoughts? The conscience is a very clean thing. If you don’t listen to the commotion it tries to make, it becomes quiet. That inner alarm at once rings, “Don’t do that!” but no one listens. It’s the same with the words of the Gurus, so what can they do?

            If our thoughts improve, we are all good. The body follows thought. Wherever the thought goes, the body follows. The body is still—it is the thought that moves it. The idea of theft comes in the mind, and then that is done by the hands. If the mind becomes good, the body automatically becomes okay and does good work. All the supplies are within us. We just need to push the switch. Once it’s on, there is enlightenment, and we see that everything is God.

            Until you see that Great Power, you can’t speak about dharma. Then He says, “Speak!”