August 10, 1997 – Resolving disputes


            A group of Sikh relatives come who have requested Maharaj to help settle their dispute over a large sum of money that one side owes to the other. After listening to and speaking with them, Maharaj says,

            There is no need for any decision. Instead, it is necessary to set aside self-interest, do justice, and share. Then these things will end. If both are thinking how much they are losing, it is endless.

            The commitment made here is in the sight of God. I appreciate that you have spoken to each other lovingly.

            Buddha has emphasized the importance of truth. That is why Japan is so progressive now. One who makes promises to give money but doesn’t can never come into God’s house. Guru Nanak also emphasized speaking truth, not lies. Do this, and you will be free.

            A person who goes to gurdwara should never leave good actions. What is the teaching of Guru Gobind Singh? He gave boons to those who threw stones at him. If you try to rise above enmity and help the other, your fortune will rise. Guru Gobind Singh said that Khalsa is one who renounces anger. If you will become without enmity, they will come after you with love.

            Whenever a person uses his power over another, his fame decreases. If he helps the weak, it rises. People have fought against us and yet we keep welcoming them. Now all the Akalis who fought so much against us are coming here, all the leaders, and asking for hukam. They’ve got chief positions now.

            We have no enmity. In this very room, all people who are rivals have come. Whoever comes increases in dharma.

            We are human beings like you. Why should I be angry at you? That Power does all the work. One who thinks of others with compassion is blessed. God is very happy with him.

            May God bless you to help others and hide their sins. A friend is a very great thing, so much so that the Gurus talk of God as their Friend.

            One of the former disputants says, “We have been able to get peace here that we couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. By your grace, we can all succeed.”

            Maharaj replies,

            Guru Gobind Singh says, ‘You are conflict and You are also peace.’ God’s blessing is also talking sweetly with love. From Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh, all the Gurus taught to serve others.  May God give you even more love.

            By now the women in the accused family are smiling with love. All the people bow lovingly at Maharaj ji’s feet. He gives Jaap Sahib to each one, saying, “ Hold fast to this.”

            After they leave, Maharaj says,

            This place is such that all disputes are resolved. Now they can both sleep.