August 6, 1997 – Knock on Guru Gobind Singh’s door


            Several groups of Sikhs, including businessmen, have come to see Maharaj. He uses the occasion to encourage them to follow the great example of Guru Gobind Singh:

            Guru Gobind Singh was a great example of many good qualities. He was a great bhagat and also a warrior. But people are not following him. Read his history: You will be amazed at how much was done by so few, with such great sacrifices.

            Never fight with each other. It is never good. The house with infighting will fall.

            There was so much hard work, such loyalty to friends and elders, but it has fallen apart because of ego. Try to get together. Think of the villagers’ needs. Seeing management, people will never have any idea of Guru Nanak’s love. Managements accomplish nothing but fighting.

            Fanatics are the enemies of society and of themselves. Businesses require peace. People will only invest in peaceful places.

            Do Jaap Sahib, and keep so much faith in Guru Gobind Singh that he makes all the decisions. Knock only on that Door. People won’t give you anything, and they want thanks, whereas he gives you everything and makes no demands. Make Gobind your Friend—He’s the best friend. Make Him your Mother, Father, Brother—any relative. He will never leave you.

            In our heritage there is such great faith in God, such high character. Guru Gobind Singh’s existence and voice will never end; they will always be necessary. He creates dharmic qualities and justice in people.

            Respect all prophets but never lose respect for the Guru. For us, he gave such great teachings and sacrifices. Always concentrate on Guru Gobind Singh 24 hours a day. His door is always open. He will never disappoint you. He is the Master of everything. There is nothing he cannot supply.

            Practice what has been said here. If you don’t, your coming and my speaking will be wasted. We will not say anything that will weaken you, rather, what has been said will give you strength.

            Guru Gobind Singh’s message should spread everywhere, But there is very little preaching being done about his mission. His mind was so gentle and service-oriented. He is so gracious. He is without beginning or end. Think of him all the time. Think of everything that comes as “Your sacred gift.” That is what he always said. Understand God as ever-present, and everywhere present—in our breath, our thought, our action.

            This gift of the Guru is always safe. Always gather it by rising early to remember God, work, and share. Read scripture praising God whether you feel like it or not. You have come here to end your losses.