August 5, 1997 – The Master Archer


                Maharaj ji has been talking to some close devotees who have their own businesses. His subject is the importance of a good reputation for a company. This includes the issue of corruption:

                Law is there to give comfort to the public Therefore one may ask, “Why are you committing corruption?” Today’s answer is, “Because others are doing it.” But we can ask, “Why loot the public from your position of responsibility?”

Mrs. Mann then comes in with unhappy-looking guests in tow. Reading their thoughts, Maharaj immediately changes the subject, speaking specifically to them but as if making some general comments to the group as a whole:

                Everyone is nervous now. They have no faith, They think they can do everything but they can’t. If you take a supply of truth and love from God, you will be happy. But no one is.

                Things will not happen according to your ideas. Be grateful for whatever God gives. Unhappiness and depression are not cured by money. People are sitting depressed in big houses.

                First thank God and He will do all your work. He says, “I took care of you in the womb. All our needs were met. I made milk for you when you were born, and then teeth when you needed food.” Don’t worry—His supply will not end.

                People have one thing on their tongue, and another thing in their heart.

                If you love God, know that He is taking care of you and your family.

                Then Rai Singh comes in, bringing politicians. Maharaj again changes the subject in order to give a message to them, without necessarily focusing his powerful gaze on them:

                Those who make claims and talk are many, but doers are few. If you say it is necessary to end corruption, you must be incorruptible. If you speak of God, you must believe in Him. You must struggle. Stop speaking; your actions will speak for you.

When we separate politics and dharma, there is an ocean of corruption.  Power comes from dharma; people have no power.

When everyone leaves after this mixed audience, each has received the message he needed to hear. We understand that Maharaj may be speaking about our particular weaknesses or answering our inner questions while he is looking at someone else. He is such a master archer that his arrows strike home even If he is not looking at the target. And even while he is pointing out our mistakes, he is also encouraging us to grow in faith, truth, and devotion, and assuring us that this is the path to real happiness.