August 4, 1997:  Improve your thoughts for the world’s sake


            As a messenger of God, Maharaj ji is apparently given messages that are to be delivered to the people. Even when he is not giving audience to someone, sometimes there is a message that he dictates to us to be spread to the world. Today there are only his close associates Swaranjit Singh and Balwant Singh, plus me taking notes, to hear him as he gives this message, which is meant for everybody:

            Like everything else, people’s thoughts spread, creating a disturbed atmosphere. Especially in our country, bad thoughts of corruption and of using others are spreading. The poison of this combination is greater than that of an atomic bomb. Air catches all these bad thoughts. So it is very necessary to clean the mind, and then the air will be clean again. The dervish or prophet comes and his vibrations are such that they make sour fruit sweet.

            This is the biggest message to send: What is the greatest poison? The factory in your tongue and mind. There is no point in closing factories; the problem is in people’s mouths. One can clean the water, but how to clean the mouth? People’s control is broken. They wake up with bad thoughts.

            Our appeal to the world is this: If you want peace and willingness to serve to come to the world, make your thought clean. Otherwise, nothing can be done. People are all taking bad steps.

            My mission is to support the saints. But what is people’s mission today? Accusing others of corruption, while they themselves have done so much of it. How long can people stand this?

            The main thing is to improve one’s own thoughts. Now all people are slipping. One cannot imagine how corrupt the gurdwaras have become. Nothing will improve unless one’s thoughts do. Scissors are cutting everyone. The atmosphere is such that no one has peace. People are just proceeding according to their own ideas and hearsay.

            Jesus said, “I have come to lift the weak and reunite the lost sheep with the herd.” They crucified him, thinking he claimed to be the king, but he claimed that his Father is the King of the Spirit. Guru Nanak says that even to see cruelty is wrong, but this goes on even in families. So long as there is cruelty, I will raise my voice against it.

            People are so rich now, but they all bow before the one who speaks of meditation. People aren’t aware that their breath spreads. We can try to veil our thoughts, but God knows.

Now our diet and houses and cars are good, but there is no peace. Everything is lies. No one is stopping them.

What is the difference between humans, animals, and dervish? An animal creates a baby and carries it in her mouth, but she can’t meditate or build such a house as ours. There is such a great difference in the family life of humans and animals. The dervish is also a human, but he is working for the people, always giving in everything he does. An ordinary person does everything for his own family, as animals do.

For a dervish, boons come automatically. Have we ever stopped langar or havan? They are automatically given. Age after age, that supply continues. We keep on giving school fees and distributing clothes, but people don’t give to anyone but their own family.

If dharma leaves, everything goes. Do meditation, and everything is united. If all a person’s qualities are developed, then he is a whole person, like a complete car. But people are ignoring their own faults and criticizing others.

 We don’t want others to do to us what we don’t like. It is very necessary to tell the world: First improve yourself.  Why create a drama?  Improve your own actions. You are not a student in the prophet’s university unless you adopt dharma, obey your Master’s hukam, love your neighbour, and serve others.