August 3, 1997 – Dharma and policy


            Several government officials have come to take Maharaj ji’s blessings, including Captain Satish Sharma, former Union Minister of India, now serving as a Member of Parliament. Maharaj immediately begins talking to them about how dharma can and should influence public policy:

            Dharma and policy have always been joined in our country. Those ancient sages were truly God’s people, with no self-interest. Why do we now make mistakes 24 hours a day? The best time to take action is fixed, but we are not acting when He says. The dervish restrains the ruler, tells him to do havan, to recite mantra.

            Read the essence of Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Holy Qur’an, Guru Granth Sahib—all are based on boons. History tells us that timing is also very significant. Therefore read paath (scripture, such as Jaap Sahib) and thus be ready when your time comes. On the contrary, everyone is acting according to their own lights.

            Why are people so depressed? What is paath? What is havan? They are for your safety. God is happy, so people with Him are happy. Leave everything to Him. When bad times come, God will come to your rescue.

            We humans come and go. But we read books about those who were just and loyal to the country. Their virtues last.

            Government is itself a good thing. It means governing minute by minute—“gov-mint.” But now it means sleep and serve yourself. Parliament is instead supposed to strengthen law and order.

            What is the need for anger? We should love all. We are all brothers and sisters. A guilty person will always criticize others.  He never asks what he himself has done. Government loses when greed, injustice, and anger enter. People’s fame also decreases.

            We have become weak, and there are losses. Instead, we should be attached to God and leave it all to Him. He is not like a human. He is the Forgiver. He does not focus on our faults.

            Therefore do paath and concentrate on God. When His Nazar (Merciful Gaze) falls on you, all power flows to you. Why leave the One who never leaves you?

            Captain Sharma tells Maharaj, “Rai Singh said to take your blessings.” Maharaj responds,

            I speak what comes in vision. If you do it, you will never have a setback. If you don’t, you will surely lose.